‘Treasure Hunter’ Metal Detector with 8.2″ LCD Display


‘Treasure Hunter’ Metal Detector with 8.2″ LCD Display, Water Resistant Coil, Detects All Metals and Adjustable Stem

The MD-3010II ‘Treasure Hunter’ is a fully automatic metal detector that will pick up all types of metals. There is an option to ignore unwanted targets to eliminate them from your search and the LCD display can help you identify the objects so you can avoid digging up worthless objects. The Search coil is waterproof so you can even expand your search to include shallow water. You can set a unique tone for a desired target so as help identify hidden treasures and differentiate it from useless junk. The stem houses the cable from the coil to the LCD display so there is no slack wire to get entangled on vegetation and being fully adjustable you can find the best length for your arm so the padded armrest and Velcro strap sit comfortably and remove stain from your hand and wrist. There is a jack to plug in stereo or mono headphones and a volume control settings to adjust the audio output. 


  • LCD display
  • Target Identification
  • Detects All Types of Metal
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Product Description

  • Max Detection Depth: 2 To 3 Meters
  • 8.2-Inch Disk Water Resistant Probe
  • Operating Current: Standby – 65mA, Max – 150mA
  • Detection Alarm
  • Metal Type Recognition: All Metals
  • Water Resistant Metal Detection Plate
  • Signal Frequency:7.5KHZ (+/- 1KHZ)
  • Battery: 6 x 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries (not include)
  • Batteries Condition Indicator
  • Unwanted Target Elimination
  • 12 Months Manufacturer Warranty


Additional Information

Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 22.0 × 14.0 × 6.0 in


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