Home Theatre Televisions

  • Haier 40″ 1080p 60HZ LED HDTV

    Haier’s new LED HDTVs combine sharp, clear, high-definition picture with a thin frame measuring 1″ or less to provide an incredibly immmersive experience. Two dedicated sound chambers produce enhanced sound quality, with superior dampening and improved mid-range response. In addition, this line is MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) enabled, allowing you to connect compatible devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and the Roku Streaming Stick directly to the HDMI port on your new HDTV.


    • 40″ LED LCD panel
      With a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution
    • True 16:9 aspect ratio
      View your movies as the director intended
    • Wide 150-degree vertical and 160-degree horizontal angles
      See a clear picture from anywhere in the room
    • Built-in digital tuner
      Watch digital broadcasts, including HDTV programs where available
    • HDMI Inputs: 3
      Enjoy a superior HD experience with HDMI, the one cable audio/video solution
    • 39.5″ screen measured diagonally from corner to corner
    • Wall-mountable
      VESA standard 200mm x 100mm

  • Haier 43″ 1080p 60Hz Roku TV Smart HDTV WiFi  

    The Haier 43″ LED Roku Smart TV brings out your TV’s full potential. It puts your favorite broadcast TV programs, streaming channels, gaming console and other devices on an easy to access menu with a super simple remote control. The newly designed remote only has 17 buttons — no longer do you need to flip through inputs or complicated menus. And this smart TV is your easiest way to endless entertainment with more than 2,500+ channels offering 300,000+ movies and TV episodes to choose from, across all major streaming movie channels like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Google Play, VUDU, and more. In addition, your Haier Roku Smart TV offers hundreds of streaming channels to fuel your passions – including fitness, cooking, religion, outdoors, International programming and much more – and allows you to access music from premium apps like Pandora.


    • 42.5″ diagonal screen size
    • HDMI Inputs: 3
    • Wall-mountable
    • Built-in Roku TV smart platform


  • Haier 48″ 1080P 60Hz Smart LED TV with Roku Streaming Stick 

    It’s that off night of the week when none of your favorite shows are on and cable feels a little dry. Enjoy a sharp, clear, high definition picture with a thin frame, to provide an incredibly immersive viewing experience. Don’t forget to turn up the volume. Two dedicated sound chambers produce enhanced sound quality, with superior dampening, and improved mid-range response. This TV includes a Roku Streaming Stick which instantly delivers Smart TV applications. Get acess to over 1,500 channells, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle and more. A newly designed Haier remote includes Roku controls for seamless navigation of the Roku interface. Sit back and enjoy your cinema experience.


    • 1080p LED HD Home Theatre Television
    • Roku Streaming Stick
    • 3 HDMI Inputs
    • Thin Frame 
    • Music and Photo File Playback via USB
    • Smart TV
    • WiFi

  • HAIER 55″ 1080p 60Hz Roku TV Smart HDTV WiFi 

    Haier’s new LED HDTVs combine a sharp, clear, high-defi nition picture with a thin frame measuring 1/2″ or less to provide an incredibly immersive viewing experience. Two dedicated sound chambers produce enhanced sound quality, with superior dampening, improved mid-range response, louder, cleaner bass, and richer overall sound texture. In addition, this TV includes a Roku Streaming Stick which instantly delivers Smart TV applications. Get access to over 1,500 channels, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle and more. A newly designed Haier remote includes Roku controls for seamless navigation of the Roku interface when a Roku stick is connected.


    • Full 1080p HD Display
    • 3 HDMI & 1 USB port
    • LED Back-Lit
    • Roku Streaming Stick
    • Smart TV
  • Hisense 40″ FHD 1080p Smart LED TV with Built In Roku

    Enjoy streaming, personalized content with this Hisense Smart TV with Built-In Roku. The 40-inch screen provides Full HD resolution at 1920×1080 ppi. Roku TV’s streaming content lets users search 200,000 movies and TV shows and more than 1,500 channels. Control this Hisense 40″ Full HD 1080p Smart TV Roku with the included streamlined remote or via the Roku Mobile App installed on a smartphone or tablet.



    • 40″ Diagonal Screen Size
    • HDMI Inputs: 3
    • Wall-Mountable
    • Certified Roku Ready
    • Built-In Digital Tuner


  • Hisense 50″ 4K UltraHD Smart LED TV 

    With four times more pixels compared to standard high-definition TVs, the Hisense Model 50H7C 4K UHD Smart TV delivers a crystal-clear picture that makes you want to reach out and touch images on the screen. You’ll also hear every detail in the music you listen to or action-packed movies you watch from the audio technology that optimizes bass, volume and wider sound. Other features to enjoy are the built-in popular apps, easy-to-navigate user interface, quick access to Netflix and numerous ports to connect devices.


    •49.5″ diagonal screen size
    •HDMI Inputs: 4
    •Built-in WiFi
    •True 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Hisense 50″ FHD 1080p Smart Roku LED TV

    Upgrade your entertainment experience with the Hisense 50″ Smart Full HDTV with Built-In Roku for access to over 2500 streaming channels, with a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution and True 16:9 aspect ratio, view your movies as the director intended. With built-in digital tuner watch digital broadcasts, including HDTV programs where available.

  • LeEco 43″ 4K ULTRA HD LED Smart TV

    The LeEco 43″ is a Smart Eco-TV that features a stunning 4K UHD display, a workstation-grade graphics processor and cinema-quality sound–all simply unheard of in this class. Launch your LeEco TV journey with the speed and efficiency of a 64-bit 1.7 GHz Quad-Core CPU processor, featuring ARM Cortex-A72 and A53 1.7GHz for the highest resolution content without blurring or dropped frames. Packing a multi-core GPU enabling a rate up to 60 FPS, your LeEco TV brings richness and clarity to games and entertainment. Your TV is equipped with ample space for your favorite content and Android apps, so you can download and store more media. Load and play games faster, with plenty of space left for songs, movies and your own content. LeEco TVs feature Dolby Digital Plus for advanced audio processing. With its ultra-slim design, high-quality finish, and black/ aluminum bezel frame, this TV perfectly complements any space.


    • 4K UHD Display with HDR
    • Fluid Motion 120
    • Dolby Digital Plus
    • Quad-Core CPU / Multi-Core GPU
    • 3GB DDR3 RAM
    • 16GB Flash Storage
    • Dual-band 802.11b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi
    • USB 3.0 / Bluetooth 4.1 / HDMI 2.0
  • LG 24″ 720P HDTV LED

    Place this HDTV in your dorm or bedroom and enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies in crisp 720p resolution. The HDMI input lets you quickly and easily hook up a high-definition component.

  • LG 32″ 720P 60Hz  LED 

    The LG 32LF500B  LED TV shows an incredible picture with beautiful, bright, clear images and slim design. The LED lighting and Smart Energy Saving features are a part of what makes this an Energy Star Qualified model, saving you about 30 percent more energy than non-Energy Star TVs.

  • LG 32″ 720P 60Hz Smart WiFi LED TV

    Stream video from online services direct to your TV with this LG 32-inch Smart LED television, which offers HD technology for crisp graphics on everything from sports to cinema. The 720p display format offers incredible clarity, while LED backlighting on this LG 32-inch LED television lets you view images clearly from just about any angle. A good size for a living room, or if you want a larger bedroom TV.

  • LG 43″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

     LG 43″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV offers incredible detail with LG’s ultra-high definition resolution, double that of full HD TVs. You will feel immersed in the action.  Now your TV can keep up with your fast- moving entertainment. TruMotion 120Hz technology lets you see sports, video games and high-speed action with virtually no motion blur.


  • LG 49″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

    The LG 49UH6030 4K UHD LED TV shows off unbelievable content thanks to its 4K IPS technology. And with webOS 3.0, virtually limitless content is within reach on a TV that produces over a billion rich colors. This LG TV supports High Dynamic Range content, so it can display HDR movies that have been specially mastered to reveal more colors and more detail for a more cinematic image.

  • LG 55″ 1080p Smart Curved OLED TV

    The LG 55EG9100 CURVED OLED TV is a marvel of design and performance. The gracefully curved Full HD 1080p screen offers ‘Perfect Black’ for infinite contrast. Its wide viewing angle assures a consistently beautiful picture across the entire screen with virtually no variance. LG’s remarkably thin OLED TV provides new possibility in style and design with a depth as thin as a pencil at its thinnest point.

  • LG 55″ 4K Ultra HD Curved OLED TV 

    The 55EG9600 Curved OLED 4K ULTRA HD TV brings LG’s unmatched picture quality with a host of deluxe features. OLED delivers immeasurably deep black levels for infinite contrast and superior realism, displaying brighter, more accurate colors. And the 4K resolution*–four times that of Full HD–renders even the finest details with crystal clarity, for the most lifelike picture.

  • LG 55″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Web OS 3.0

    LG 4K Ultra HD TVs contain 8.3 million pixels, so their resolution is four times that of Full HD. The result? Breathtaking clarity and fine picture details that will amaze, even when viewed up close. The latest generation of LG’s exclusive, award-winning Smart TV platform is incredibly easy to use with simple setup and content discovery. LG TVs with WebOS now offer Channel Plus, integrating 50+ free streaming channels.

  • LG 60″ 4K UltraHD Smart LED TV 

    LG’s 4K UltraHD LED TV, a Smart TV offering a superior viewing experience through advanced technologies delivering over a billion rich colors, smoother motion and elevated brightness.


  • LG 65″ 1080p 120 Hz LED Smart TV

    The 65LF6350 combines exceptional 1080p high-definition resolution with a faster 120Hz refresh rate. LG Smart TV offers intuitive control, versatile connectivity and a world of premium content from online partners including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and more.

  • LG 65″ 4K Super UHD Smart LED TV

    Not all UHD TVs are the same. The LG UH7650 SUPER UHD TV provides a superior 4K viewing experience by incorporating several advanced technologies. ColourPrime Plus, TruMotion 120Hz, Ultra Luminance, IPS 4K Quantum Display, and over a billion rich colours. Truly premium Ultra HD.   A Smart TV offering a superior 4K experience.  Smoother motion,  elevated brightness,  enhanced contrast ratio,  a wider range of colours and includes Dolby Vision to provide more viewing options.

  • LG 65″ 4K UltraHD Smart LED TV 

    Create a theater-like experience with this 65-inch LG 4K UltraHD Smart LED TV.  It delivers realistic video, and it has over 50 preloaded channels to choose from, so you can watch movies through your internet connection. This LG smart LED TV can be wall mounted or displayed using the included stand to achieve the best viewing angle. Easily connects your digital camera, camcorder or other USB device.

  • LG 65″ 4K UltraHD Smart LED TV Web OS 3.0

    Ultra high-definition TVs offer four times the resolution of Full HD televisions. UHD, also known as “4K”, delivers exceptional clarity and detail for all video content, even on large screens, even when viewed up close. This means you can fit a larger screen in a smaller space without compromising the viewing experience. LG 4K Ultra HD TVs contain 8.3 million pixels. TruMotion 120Hz technology lets you see sports, video games and high-speed action with virtually no motion blur. LG TVs with webOS now offer Channel Plus, integrating 50+ free streaming channels including Sports Illustrated, TIME, People and more.

  • Panasonic 60″ 4K UltraHD 240Hz 3D SmartTV

    A smart choice for your home. This Panasonic TC-60CX800U Smart HDTV instantly upgrades your entertainment experience with built-in Wi-Fi and stunning Ultra HD resolution. Enjoy it all on an incredible 60″ diagonal Super Bright display with four times the resolution of Full HD 1080p displays. Even non-4K content is made clearer and crisper thanks to upscaling, so you don’t need to leave your older media behind.

  • Proscan 32″ 1080p 60Hz LED TV 

    Dont miss one single detail wih Proscan’s 1080p LED TV. Backlighting delivers outstanding contrast for darker, richer blacks and vivid color reproduction ensures image accuracy across the screen. An ultra-slim bezel on this Proscan 1080p LED TV means that distractions are kept to a minimum when you’re enjoying the game or your favorite movie. The versatile design lets you mount this TV on your wall or place it on your entertainment stand, and the large screen size offers easy viewing. Boasting 1080p resolution and rich color contrasts, this LED TV brings movies to life. With a HDMI connection, you’ll not only be able to connect all your devices, but the image will look great no matter what the source, this allows your TV to be compatible with streaming TV devices such as Roku, Apple TV, or Chrome Cast. Built in speakers provide the best audio to complement the pictures, bass, trebles and vocals for an impeccable TV viewing experience!

    • Screen Size (Diag.): 32″
    • Backlight Type: LED
    • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
    • Resolution: 1080p 

  • Samsung 24” 720P LED TV

    The Samsung UN24H4000AF 24 in. 720p LED HDTV provides a great picture with 720p high definition which makes your favorite films and games more detailed, vibrant and clear. View every detail of action-packed movies and sports with Clear Motion Rate 120, a great level of motion-clarity. With Wide Color Enhancer Plus, you’ll witness a wider spectrum of colors on your screen, just like the director intended. Watch videos, play music or view photos from a USB connection with ConnectShare Movie. You don’t need a PC or special equipment – just plug your USB directly into your Samsung TV’s USB Port and entertain family and friends.

  • Samsung 32″ 720p 60Hz Smart LED TV

    With Samsung Smart Hub on this TV, you can easily navigate to your favorite entertainment. Watch movies, TV shows, sports and news, access social media, play games, plus browse the Web.

  • Samsung 40″ 1080p 60Hz Smart LED TV

    A 40-inch LCD HDTV with LED backlighting from Samsung with 1080p resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate, 2 HDMI inputs, and 1 component-video input.

  • Samsung 50″ 4K UltraHD Smart LED TV

    Put yourself on the forefront of advancements in color, contrast, and sharpness with 4K UltraHD. It uses new technology to create a more vibrant viewing experience than you’ve ever seen. Its 4K resolution means everything you watch looks 4x sharper than Full HD.  Watch your TV entertainment on your mobile device – or your mobile media on your TV via the Smart View App. Simple access to live TV, streaming content sources, and apps in one place with Smart Hub – and you only need one remote control for it all.

  • Samsung 55″ 4K UltraHD 3D 120Hz Smart WiFi Curved

    Discover a supremely immersive 4K Ultra HD experience with an innovative, curved design that creates a panoramic effect and helps the picture feel bigger. Display 4K content at 4x the resolution of Full HD, plus upscale all of your current TV shows and movies in amazing detail. Upconverts SD, HD, or full HD content to UHD-level picture quality. Multitask with ease with the Samsung’s remarkably powerful Quad Core Plus processor. Transforms your TV into four screens that can access live TV, video clips and the Web all at once. Quickly command your Smart TV with voice commands. Wirelessly beam your photos, videos, presentations, or video games to the big screen.

  • Samsung 55″ 4K UltraHD Smart LED TV 

    Enjoy movies, television and music with this Samsung LED smart television. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you connect to your home network to share pictures from devices with the whole family or stream content from apps such as Netflix. This Samsung LED smart television delivers 4k UHD picture for bright colors and crisp imaging.

  • Samsung 58″ 1080p Smart LED TV

    With 1080p HD visuals and color enhancement technology, this TV makes it easy to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. Smart connectivity lets you connect to the Web or stream from your compatible devices.

  • Samsung 60″ 4K UltraHD Smart LED TV

    Embrace big change with the Samsung UN60KU6300FXZA 60″ Smart UHD 4K 120Hz Motion Rate TV. Smart TV attributes take your home entertainment to the next level of quality and access. Enjoy 4K Ultra HD resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content that delivers greater clarity with UHD Dimming and a fuller spectrum of color with PurColor. Access your favorite content quicker and easier with the new Samsung Smart TV platform powered by a Quad-Core Processor.


  • Samsung 65″ 1080p 3D 240Hz Smart LED HDTV Curved 

    Featuring a curved 1080p LED display, this Samsung TV delivers crisp, clear images. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you surf the web and wirelessly stream movies you and the rest of the gang love. Enjoy fast-moving movies, sports, and video games with virtually no motion blur. Transforms your TV into two screens that can access live TV, video clips and the Web all at once.


  • Samsung 65″ 4K UltraHD Smart LED TV

    With 4K UHD resolution you’ll enjoy a picture with 4X the detail of Full HD. Watch and play your way with the advanced Samsung Smart TV platform that lets you quickly and easily access your favorite content. Access your favorite program choices, live TV, video on demand, apps, and social media in one easy-to-browse navigation experience. Have your Samsung Smart TV act as an alarm, and sync up with your other Samsung mobile devices. Plug your favorite entertainment and media into your TV – watch videos, play music, or view photos through a USB connection.

  • Samsung 70″ 4K UltraHD Smart LED TV

    Immerse yourself in movies, sports and streaming video with this Samsung 4K UHD television. The 70-inch screen offers dazzling graphics, and the slim profile doesn’t overtake your living room or entertainment area. This Samsung 4K UltraHD Smart LED television features 4K ultra high-definition graphics, so images are sharp and crisp, and PurColor technology for life-like pictures. Large enough to provide an immersive experience for everyone in the room. Stream movies, music and more using Smart Hub, and surf your favorite websites with the included Web browser. Easily connect your digital camera, camcorder or other USB device.

  • Samsung 720P LED TV Monitor 24”

    The Samsung 24” 720P LED TV monitor combo has all of the key features you would expect from a LED TV and a monitor. With the built- in DTV tuner and ConnectShare USB, the Samsung 24” 720P LED TV Monitor allows you to enjoy your favorite TV programs as well as access movies, pictures, music and more.

  • Samsung 75″ 1080p Smart LED TV

    Enjoy a viewing experience that is 2X the clarity of standard HD TVs. With Wide Color Enhancer, you’ll see every image as the director intended with enriched colors – even with older, non-HD content. Watch videos, play music or view photos through a USB connection. Built-in Wi-Fi for Smart TV capabilities.