Smart Home Audio & Video

  • 1080p Handheld Camera Kit with Teleconverter, Wide-Angle Lens, External Mic, 1/4-Inch CMOS, 3 Inch Display and 120x Digital Zoom

    This stunning Full-HD digital video camera comes with an abundance of camera accessories. Within its package, you’ll find a teleconverter, wide-angle lens, and high-end microscope. With all these great accessories in place, you’ll be able to take your video shooting to an entirely new level. Whether you shoot images of nature or home made movies, this 1080p digital camera is sure to meet your demands. On its compact 3-Inch LCD display, it allows you to instantly watch back previous recordings. Thanks to this, you can be assured that all your footage is of the highest quality. With a 1250mAh battery, it lets you shoot video for up to an hour. With a 1/4-Inch CMOS sensor in place, this camera treats you to crisp video and photographs. It is capable of shooting Full-HD video and stunning 24MP pictures. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to capture breathtaking video or pictures of all those upcoming special moments in life. The cam furthermore supports 64GB external memory through its SD card slot. This means that you’ll always have enough storage to keep your recordings that you’ve shot throughout the day. Different filming features such as anti-shake and face detection guarantee that your footage will always be of the highest quality. The external microphone provides you with a way to record great audio. This gives you the possibility to shoot professional-grade homemade videos with your friends or family. Additionally, the package includes a zoom lens that lets you record events from afar. By supporting 120x digital zoom and 10x optical zoom, this handheld camera lets you record anything that’s happening in a distance. Whether you’re at home, a friend’s party, or enjoying a trip abroad – with this FHD camera not a single moment in life will pass by uncaptured.

    • 1080p digital camera comes with a teleconverter, wide-angle lens, and external mic
    • 1/4-Inch CMOS lets you record full-HD video and capture stunning 24MP photographs
    • Watch back footage instantly on a 3-Inch LCD display
    • 64GB SD card support to store all your files
  • 3D Smart Video Glasses

    Play games, brows the web, and enjoy all your favorite movies in stunning 2D and 3D quality with this amazing smart video glasses. Featuring an Android operating system, Quad-Core CPU, 1GB or RAM, and Mali-900MP processor this 3D video glasses provide more than merely a platform to watch your favorite movies on. Download all your favorite Apps and games through Google play straight on your smart glasses and enjoy them to the absolute most. Its two LCD displays together portray a major 98 inch virtual screen. Whether you are searching for a platform to browse the internet in the comfort of your own living room, enjoy all your favorite games and movies on the go, or are searching for a stylish way to stay connected with friends and family these smart glasses are capable of meeting all your multi media and online demands.

  • 70x Zoom Portable Digital Telescope 

    Nothing will be outside your visual reach with this 70x Zoom Portable Digital Telescope. With its fixed 70x digital zoom, this smart digital telescope that has been designed for daytime use lets you observe objects from miles away. Whether you want to keep an eye on your property, monitor a professional sports game, or observe nature in all its glory – with this digital telescope nothing will be outside of your visual reach. Easily connect this miniature telescope to your tablet or PC by means of its USB 2.0 wire. Being compatible with Windows XP 2000, Vista, Win7, Win8, and Win10 this little electronic gadget is easy to install and runs on all the major Windows Operating systems. Coming with a high-quality tripod you can be assured that this smart digital telescope records clear and stable images even when recording from miles away.

  • Auto Balancing RC White Robot 

    The HG 2.4G Auto Balance RC Stunt Robot is the perfect toy for young and old that is guaranteed to bring hours of joy and entertainment into your household. With its futuristic looks and numerous of entertaining features this RC robot pet will leave an ever lasting impression at your child that is guaranteed to turn into an extraordinary and fun memory. This RC robot toy features five different characteristics, each of which tells the robot to perform a unique task. Besides simply walking through your living room this magnificent little stunt robot is capable of dancing, singing, carrying objects, following hand gestures, and engaging in true robot battles with similar robot toys.

  • Beats by Dre Black EP Headphones

    Beats EP is made to go everywhere you do. Its battery-free design offers unlimited playback and hassle-free fixed cable lets you focus on the music. Just grab and go. Beats EP on-ear headphones delivers masterfully tuned sound. Beats EP is tough, lightweight and comfortable. Take calls and control your music with RemoteTalk cable.  Beats EP is an ideal introduction to Beats for any music lover seeking a dynamic listening experience.

  • Beats by Dre PowerBeats 2 Wireless In Ear Bland and Red Headphone 

    The PowerBeats2 Wireless Earbuds from Beats by Dr. Dre are Bluetooth wireless earbuds inspired by LeBron James and designed for active use by athletes. They feature dual-driver acoustics and are IPX4 sweat and water resistant to stand up to your workouts. Their built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 6 hours of playback on a full charge, and an additional hour of operation with 15 minutes of charging. Their tangle-free RemoteTalk wrap around cable allows you to control your device and take calls hands-free. A hardshell carrying case, micro USB cable, and cable management clip are included.

  • Beats by Dre PowerBeats 2 Wireless In Ear Bland and Red Headphones

    The PowerBeats2 Wireless Earbuds from Beats by Dr. Dre are Bluetooth wireless earbuds inspired by LeBron James and designed for active use by athletes. They feature dual-driver acoustics and are IPX4 sweat and water resistant to stand up to your workouts. Their built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 6 hours of playback on a full charge, and an additional hour of operation with 15 minutes of charging. Their tangle-free RemoteTalk wrap around cable allows you to control your device and take calls hands-free. A hardshell carrying case, micro USB cable, and cable management clip are included.

  • Beats by Dre White EP Headphones

    Beats EP is made to go everywhere you do. Its battery-free design offers unlimited playback and hassle-free fixed cable lets you focus on the music. Just grab and go. Beats EP on-ear headphones delivers masterfully tuned sound. Beats EP is tough, lightweight and comfortable. Take calls and control your music with RemoteTalk cable.  Beats EP is an ideal introduction to Beats for any music lover seeking a dynamic listening experience.

  • Bluedio N2 Bluetooth Earphones-In-Ear, Bluetooth 4.1, Multipoint Pairing, Voice Control, Sweat-Proof (White)

    These lightweight Bluetooth earphones are the N2 from Bluedio. At under 15 grams, these wireless earphones are as light as a feather so you will hardly notice you’re wearing them. The t-light in-ear design and interchangeable silicon ear tips ensure a comfortable fit. These Bluetooth earphones have a 10mm dynamic driver that creates a full bodies timber with deep bass and crystal clear tones. With Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity you can sync these wireless earphones with your tablet PC, cell phone or computer and enjoy a strong wireless connectivity for up to 10 meters. With the Bluedio earphones you can enjoy music and take calls without being tethering down. So you can walk around the house or office listening to music without having to take your stereo, phone or tablet along for the ride. The audio quality of these earphones can be enjoyed without interferences thanks to their wind noise reduction that will improve audio quality and call clarity. With a on wire control the earphones make it easy to skip tracks and adjust volume. when it comes to answering calls the earphones respond to voice commands so you can pick up a call by simply saying “Yes” or “No”, it couldn’t be easier. If you want to listen to music from your computer or Tablet PC but don’t want to miss out on any calls you will be pleased to learn of the multipoint pairing. This allows the Bluedio wireless earphones to by paired with two mobile devices simultaneously. Great for wearing around the home, at the office or during a workout these sweat-proof earphones bring the music to your ears with perfect clarity.

  • Bluedio N2 Bluetooth Headphones-10mm Dynamic Drivers, Built-in Mic, Voice Command, Wind Noise Reduction, Sweat-Proof (Black)

    The Bluedio N2 Bluetooth headphones have been specifically designed to provide you with crystal clear audio while exercising. These sports headphones feature an extremely light body and custom fit design – guaranteeing long lasting comfort and allowing you to wear them throughout the day without irritating your ears. Being sweat-proof, this wireless headset can be used efficiently throughout the toughest of workout sessions without you needing to worry about its well-being. Simply pair these sports headphones with your mobile phone through Bluetooth and you’ll be all set to you enjoy your favorite tracks at any time of the day. Within its ultra sleek headphones, this Bluetooth headset packs two 10mm dynamic drivers that are capable of producing truly audiophile-grade music quality. Thanks to its wind noise reduction feature, you will be able to use these Bluetooth headphones while running or cycling without being disturbed by outside noise. A strong battery delivers up to 5 hours of continuous usage time thanks to which you’ll be able to listen to all your songs throughout the day without needing to worry about running out of juice. Featuring a built-in microphone, these Bluetooth headphones allow you to engage in hands-free phone calls. Thanks to its voice command, you can simply accept or reject incoming calls by saying ‘’Yes’’ or “No’’ out loud – bringing along high efficiency and allowing you to answer phone calls even when your hands are tied doing something else. Arguably the best Bluetooth headphones for exercise, this wireless headset lets you listen to your favorite songs in great audio quality at any given moment. 

  • Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine Wireless Headphones-75mm Driver, Bluetooth 4.1, 220mAh Battery, Built-In Mic, FM Mode, SD Card, 110dB

    The Bluedio T2+ Turbine wireless headphones bring along great audio quality for an affordable price. Known for its high-end products, Bluedio arguably produces the best headphones under 100 Dollars that, despite their cheap price, deliver outstanding audio. For all of you that like to enjoy your favorite songs on the go, make hands-free phone calls, or engage in online gaming sessions – these Bluetooth headphones are the ultimate electronic gadget. With its stylish and durable design, these wireless headphones can be worn with confidence at any occasion. Due to the fact that these headphones are foldable, they can be easily carried around within your bag anytime you head out of the house. Packing a powerful 220mAh battery, these wireless Bluetooth headphones can be used for a stunning 40 hours before running out of juice. Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity supports ultra-fast data transfers at low power consumption – guaranteeing that you’ll be able to listen to all your songs in stunning quality for numerous hours in a row. For those of you that prefer regular cord headphones, this wireless headphone comes with its own extension cord – allowing you to use them either with or without cable. Capable of producing up to 110dB, you’ll be able to blast those speakers away and enjoy all your favorite songs without being distracted by outside noise and sounds. Featuring two high-end 57mm drivers that have been specifically designed for the Turbine headphone series, these Bluetooth headphones are capable of producing absolutely stunning sound. Switching in between songs and adjusting the volume can be done with the touch of a button, bringing along great efficiency. Additionally, these wireless speakers also feature a built-in Mic that allows you to engage in hands-free phone calls. Thanks to its SD card slot, these wireless speakers allow you to listen to the tracks you enjoy most even when you do not have your smartphone, tablet, or PC next to you. Simply save your favorite songs on your SD card, slide it in, and you’ll be able to enjoy them at any time of the day. FM radio support furthermore allows you to enjoy regular radio broadcasts ensuring that you’ll never miss out on the latest news, talk shows, or traffic reports again. 

  • Bluetooth Game Pad

    This Bluetooth Gamepad is sure to transform your gaming experience. Using Bluetooth connectivity means there are no wires or cables required and its light compact size means you can have portable gaming wherever you go. Compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and even PS3 consoles this impressive gamepad lets you get to grips with mobile gaming and ensures you can enjoy agile control over games even on the go. This gamepad will enhance your portable gaming experience and take it to the next level.

  • Bluetooth Headphones

    Listen to your favorite songs while you’re out for a run with these Bluetooth sports headphones. Thanks to their comfortable design, these Bluetooth headphones form a perfect fit to anybody out there. They even come with different size ear plugs to make sure they will comfortably fit any size and shape of ear. With their lightweight yet powerful 75mAh battery, these wireless headphones bring along up to 10 hours of usage time. This is enough power to get you through multiple music-filled days. Additionally, they support a stunning 200 hours of standby time. Thanks to this, you can leave them untouched for several days and use them again whenever you feel like it without needing to recharge them first. By supporting Bluetooth 4.0, these wireless earphones bring along great data transmissions. When synchronized with your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite music without experiencing any lag. These smart headphones are capable of connecting up to two devices at once. This means that you’ll be able to switch in between the music libraries on two different smartphones without losing any time. Besides listening to music, these wireless headphones furthermore allow you to answer incoming phone calls. With its smart response feature, you can simply reject or answer a call by saying ”yes” or ”no”. This brings along great efficiency for making hands-free calls while you’re driving your car or exercising in the gym. 

  • Flexible Roll Up Synthesizer Keyboard Piano

    Become the next Mozart with this flexible roll up synthesizer keyboard piano, as it is easy to carry and use, allowing you to practice anywhere for your major performance. With 88 piano keys, 128 different synthesized tones to choose from, 100 different rhythms to play with, as well as 13 demonstration songs that are pre-installed, and a loud built-in speaker, this portable roll up piano is a great musical instrument that will keep you entertained for hours. It is great for children or people that are on the go as it has been designed so that it can easily be rolled up and carried around.

  • Folding Headphones MP3 Player-SD Card, LCD Screen, FM Radio, Rechargeable Battery

    Listen to your favorite tracks in comfort with a pair of rechargeable headphones that also come with a built-in MP3 player SD card input and FM Radio. Don’t let yourself get bored on the road or in a waiting line and make full use of every free minute — this will be really easy too with these folding rechargeable headphones with a mini LCD screen. With soft padding, the lightweight headphones are exceptionally comfortable to wear. The mini LCD screen will give you information about the track that is playing and you can upload lots of favorite tunes to play via an SD card. This way, these rechargeable headphones are pretty much an independent MP3 player. With 8GB supported on the card, you will have plenty of storage space for thousands of tracks letting you take all your music, educational programs, language courses, E-books wherever you go. The rechargeable 300mAh battery offers up to 8 hours of non-stop music play. So, you will have plenty of time to enjoy your music. The headphones also come with a built-in FM radio — so, even if you’ve forgotten to stock up on cool tunes, you will always be able to listen to an array of FM radio stations. With a 3.5mm audio input jack you can easily use the lead supplied and connect these headphones to your tablet, smartphone or other music player. 

  • Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player

    Enjoy a world of entertainment with Google Chromecast. Just connect to your HDTV’s HDMI interface and your home Wi-Fi network to get started. You can stream your favorite apps from your compatible phone, tablet or laptop, plus use your phone as a remote to search, play and pause content.

  • Google Chromecast Ultra 4k

    Delivers everything you love about Chromecast plus faster processing speeds and up to 4K Ultra HD & HDR picture quality*. Chromecast Ultra works with iPhone®, iPad®, Android devices, Mac®, Windows®, and Chromebooks. While streaming, you can still text or call without interrupting what’s playing or draining your battery. Even without a 4K TV, Chromecast Ultra delivers better picture quality for your TV.

  • GPD XD Android Portable Game Console

    The GPD XD Android portable game console lets you enjoy portable gaming like never before. Running on an Android operating system, this little tablet PC allows you to engage in online games, watch movies, and enjoy the latest Android application on its compact 5.5-Inch display. Supporting breathtaking HD resolution, you can be assured that you’ll be treated with ultra-sharp images, vivid color, and mesmerizing details. Simply head out to the play store and download all your favorite media. With this Android handheld game console, countless hours of joy and entertainment lay ahead. Packing a sophisticated Quad-Core processor that reaches clock speeds up to 1.8GHz, the GPD XD Android tablet PC brings forth a powerful performance. Along with its 2GB of RAM, it is capable of handling games, movies, and more without dropping a frame. This Android mini laptop furthermore features the Mali T764 graphic unit, further increasing your overall media experience by allowing you to enjoy the most graphically demanding mobile games out there. With 32GB internal storage, it offers plenty of space for you to store all your downloaded files and media. Within its sleek body, you will be able to find a sophisticated D-Pad, two Joysticks, A, B, X, Y, and plenty more of the regular gaming buttons to deliver an exceptionally great and efficient gaming experience. Supporting old-school simulator games as well as the latest Android games, this Android gamepad is sure the meet the likings of anybody out there. 3D Game support furthermore lets you play the latest and most demanding 3D games available – bringing along an absolutely stunning experience that is guaranteed to keep you entertained for years to come. Thanks to its compact design and powerful hardware, this gamepad makes powerful gaming portable. Enjoy the latest games and Android media anywhere you go, with this electronic gadget you’ll never have to feel bored again. Whether you use it to play games, watch movies, enjoy applications, or simply browse the web – this Android mini laptop is guaranteed to meet all your demands.

  • Haier 40″ 1080p 60HZ LED HDTV

    Haier’s new LED HDTVs combine sharp, clear, high-definition picture with a thin frame measuring 1″ or less to provide an incredibly immmersive experience. Two dedicated sound chambers produce enhanced sound quality, with superior dampening and improved mid-range response. In addition, this line is MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) enabled, allowing you to connect compatible devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and the Roku Streaming Stick directly to the HDMI port on your new HDTV.


    • 40″ LED LCD panel
      With a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution
    • True 16:9 aspect ratio
      View your movies as the director intended
    • Wide 150-degree vertical and 160-degree horizontal angles
      See a clear picture from anywhere in the room
    • Built-in digital tuner
      Watch digital broadcasts, including HDTV programs where available
    • HDMI Inputs: 3
      Enjoy a superior HD experience with HDMI, the one cable audio/video solution
    • 39.5″ screen measured diagonally from corner to corner
    • Wall-mountable
      VESA standard 200mm x 100mm

  • Haier 43″ 1080p 60Hz Roku TV Smart HDTV WiFi  

    The Haier 43″ LED Roku Smart TV brings out your TV’s full potential. It puts your favorite broadcast TV programs, streaming channels, gaming console and other devices on an easy to access menu with a super simple remote control. The newly designed remote only has 17 buttons — no longer do you need to flip through inputs or complicated menus. And this smart TV is your easiest way to endless entertainment with more than 2,500+ channels offering 300,000+ movies and TV episodes to choose from, across all major streaming movie channels like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Google Play, VUDU, and more. In addition, your Haier Roku Smart TV offers hundreds of streaming channels to fuel your passions – including fitness, cooking, religion, outdoors, International programming and much more – and allows you to access music from premium apps like Pandora.


    • 42.5″ diagonal screen size
    • HDMI Inputs: 3
    • Wall-mountable
    • Built-in Roku TV smart platform


  • Haier 48″ 1080P 60Hz Smart LED TV with Roku Streaming Stick 

    It’s that off night of the week when none of your favorite shows are on and cable feels a little dry. Enjoy a sharp, clear, high definition picture with a thin frame, to provide an incredibly immersive viewing experience. Don’t forget to turn up the volume. Two dedicated sound chambers produce enhanced sound quality, with superior dampening, and improved mid-range response. This TV includes a Roku Streaming Stick which instantly delivers Smart TV applications. Get acess to over 1,500 channells, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle and more. A newly designed Haier remote includes Roku controls for seamless navigation of the Roku interface. Sit back and enjoy your cinema experience.


    • 1080p LED HD Home Theatre Television
    • Roku Streaming Stick
    • 3 HDMI Inputs
    • Thin Frame 
    • Music and Photo File Playback via USB
    • Smart TV
    • WiFi

  • HAIER 55″ 1080p 60Hz Roku TV Smart HDTV WiFi 

    Haier’s new LED HDTVs combine a sharp, clear, high-defi nition picture with a thin frame measuring 1/2″ or less to provide an incredibly immersive viewing experience. Two dedicated sound chambers produce enhanced sound quality, with superior dampening, improved mid-range response, louder, cleaner bass, and richer overall sound texture. In addition, this TV includes a Roku Streaming Stick which instantly delivers Smart TV applications. Get access to over 1,500 channels, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle and more. A newly designed Haier remote includes Roku controls for seamless navigation of the Roku interface when a Roku stick is connected.


    • Full 1080p HD Display
    • 3 HDMI & 1 USB port
    • LED Back-Lit
    • Roku Streaming Stick
    • Smart TV
  • HD Hynudal Karaoke Machine with 2 Wireless Microphones

    Tired of quietly whispering the lyrics of your favourite songs in the shower? It’s time for them to hear you roar. Sing along to your favorite tracks and invite your friends along! The HD-Hynudal Unique Karaoke Machine is sure to liven up any party and get your guests moving even if it’s way past midnight. Loaded with fun features and coming with two wireless mics, this signing gadget is meant for sharing. So warm up your vocal cords and get ready for a sing-down! Simply hook up the karaoke machine to your PC or phone and stream the latest tracks as you sing along to the popular lyrics. Super easy to set up and a joy to use, this compact box will make your home then number one party spot.

  • HD Hyundal HDMI Karaoke Mixer 

    The HD Hyundal all in one Karaoke mixer is just what you need to take your singing to the next level. Invite the friends and family round for nights to remember as you show of your vocal talents. The Karaoke mixer comes with a professional condenser Karaoke microphone and high grade lead so all you get is a crystal clear vocal track without any added noise or distortions. This plugs directly into the mixer along with your source music, which lets you directly control the volume of each input and add echo effects into the mix. With HDMI input and output ports you can you hook up the HD Hyundal Karaoke mixer directly to your computer, DVD player, games console or TV and take control of your exclusive karaoke room.

  • HG 2.4G Auto Balance RC Stunt Robot Black  OUT OF STOCK

    Looking for a fun and creative toy that is guaranteed to bring hours of joy? – Then search no further. The HG 2.4G Auto Balance RC Stunt Robot is the perfect toys for boys or children of any age. With its futuristic looks the HG 2.4G is a very special robot friend that has it all!  This self-balancing robot toy comes with five different characteristics and can do more than simply “walk around” your living room. Thanks to its exceptional balance and load bearing function the HG 2.4G Stunt Robot is capable of carrying small objects. Why not serve the drinks and snacks on your child’s next birthday party with the help of this remarkable butler? The HG 2.4G Auto Balance RC Stunt Robot is guaranteed to put a smile on children’s faces and leave them with an extraordinary and fun memory.

  • Hisense 40″ FHD 1080p Smart LED TV with Built In Roku

    Enjoy streaming, personalized content with this Hisense Smart TV with Built-In Roku. The 40-inch screen provides Full HD resolution at 1920×1080 ppi. Roku TV’s streaming content lets users search 200,000 movies and TV shows and more than 1,500 channels. Control this Hisense 40″ Full HD 1080p Smart TV Roku with the included streamlined remote or via the Roku Mobile App installed on a smartphone or tablet.



    • 40″ Diagonal Screen Size
    • HDMI Inputs: 3
    • Wall-Mountable
    • Certified Roku Ready
    • Built-In Digital Tuner


  • Hisense 50″ 4K UltraHD Smart LED TV 

    With four times more pixels compared to standard high-definition TVs, the Hisense Model 50H7C 4K UHD Smart TV delivers a crystal-clear picture that makes you want to reach out and touch images on the screen. You’ll also hear every detail in the music you listen to or action-packed movies you watch from the audio technology that optimizes bass, volume and wider sound. Other features to enjoy are the built-in popular apps, easy-to-navigate user interface, quick access to Netflix and numerous ports to connect devices.


    •49.5″ diagonal screen size
    •HDMI Inputs: 4
    •Built-in WiFi
    •True 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Hisense 50″ FHD 1080p Smart Roku LED TV

    Upgrade your entertainment experience with the Hisense 50″ Smart Full HDTV with Built-In Roku for access to over 2500 streaming channels, with a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution and True 16:9 aspect ratio, view your movies as the director intended. With built-in digital tuner watch digital broadcasts, including HDTV programs where available.

  • LeEco 43″ 4K ULTRA HD LED Smart TV

    The LeEco 43″ is a Smart Eco-TV that features a stunning 4K UHD display, a workstation-grade graphics processor and cinema-quality sound–all simply unheard of in this class. Launch your LeEco TV journey with the speed and efficiency of a 64-bit 1.7 GHz Quad-Core CPU processor, featuring ARM Cortex-A72 and A53 1.7GHz for the highest resolution content without blurring or dropped frames. Packing a multi-core GPU enabling a rate up to 60 FPS, your LeEco TV brings richness and clarity to games and entertainment. Your TV is equipped with ample space for your favorite content and Android apps, so you can download and store more media. Load and play games faster, with plenty of space left for songs, movies and your own content. LeEco TVs feature Dolby Digital Plus for advanced audio processing. With its ultra-slim design, high-quality finish, and black/ aluminum bezel frame, this TV perfectly complements any space.


    • 4K UHD Display with HDR
    • Fluid Motion 120
    • Dolby Digital Plus
    • Quad-Core CPU / Multi-Core GPU
    • 3GB DDR3 RAM
    • 16GB Flash Storage
    • Dual-band 802.11b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi
    • USB 3.0 / Bluetooth 4.1 / HDMI 2.0
  • LG 24″ 720P HDTV LED

    Place this HDTV in your dorm or bedroom and enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies in crisp 720p resolution. The HDMI input lets you quickly and easily hook up a high-definition component.

  • LG 32″ 720P 60Hz  LED 

    The LG 32LF500B  LED TV shows an incredible picture with beautiful, bright, clear images and slim design. The LED lighting and Smart Energy Saving features are a part of what makes this an Energy Star Qualified model, saving you about 30 percent more energy than non-Energy Star TVs.

  • LG 32″ 720P 60Hz Smart WiFi LED TV

    Stream video from online services direct to your TV with this LG 32-inch Smart LED television, which offers HD technology for crisp graphics on everything from sports to cinema. The 720p display format offers incredible clarity, while LED backlighting on this LG 32-inch LED television lets you view images clearly from just about any angle. A good size for a living room, or if you want a larger bedroom TV.

  • LG 43″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

     LG 43″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV offers incredible detail with LG’s ultra-high definition resolution, double that of full HD TVs. You will feel immersed in the action.  Now your TV can keep up with your fast- moving entertainment. TruMotion 120Hz technology lets you see sports, video games and high-speed action with virtually no motion blur.


  • LG 49″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

    The LG 49UH6030 4K UHD LED TV shows off unbelievable content thanks to its 4K IPS technology. And with webOS 3.0, virtually limitless content is within reach on a TV that produces over a billion rich colors. This LG TV supports High Dynamic Range content, so it can display HDR movies that have been specially mastered to reveal more colors and more detail for a more cinematic image.

  • LG 55″ 1080p Smart Curved OLED TV

    The LG 55EG9100 CURVED OLED TV is a marvel of design and performance. The gracefully curved Full HD 1080p screen offers ‘Perfect Black’ for infinite contrast. Its wide viewing angle assures a consistently beautiful picture across the entire screen with virtually no variance. LG’s remarkably thin OLED TV provides new possibility in style and design with a depth as thin as a pencil at its thinnest point.

  • LG 55″ 4K Ultra HD Curved OLED TV 

    The 55EG9600 Curved OLED 4K ULTRA HD TV brings LG’s unmatched picture quality with a host of deluxe features. OLED delivers immeasurably deep black levels for infinite contrast and superior realism, displaying brighter, more accurate colors. And the 4K resolution*–four times that of Full HD–renders even the finest details with crystal clarity, for the most lifelike picture.