Smart Car Accessories

  • Car HUD A3 3.5″

    The A3 car Heads Up Display (HUD) puts all the information you need right before your eyes. With its bright and colorful display the information is displayed clearly and in an easy to read format on your windshield, so you will feel like a fighter pilot while behind the wheel. What’s more won’t ever need to divert your eyes from the road to check your speed, direction or mileage. Quick and easy to install, just place this car HUD on your dashboard using the anti-slip pad, place the reflective film on your windshield and now enjoy driving without taking your eyes off the road as all the information will appear before your eyes on the windscreen. Supporting ODB II means this car HUD will interface directly with your vehicle, the unit also has automatic brightness adjustment to ensure a clear view that is glare free night or day. Your car’s speed can be displayed in km/h or mp/h and with a speed alarm, you will be alerted if you creep over a pre-set limit. Other features include local time, distance traveled, journey time, as well as current direction and satellite connectivity. It requires no additional devices and with its plug and play this car HUD couldn’t be easier to install.

  • Car HUD System 5.5″ 

    This amazing 5.5″ HUD system displays all your driving information on your front windshield, immensely increasing your overall driving safety and additionally adding a cool look to your car. Displaying an abundance of information, this car HUD display inter alia keeps you updated at all times about your current driving speed. Its beautiful 5.5″ digital LED screen furthermore is able to provide you with accurate information on your current fuel levels and fuel consumption rate. This car HUD system also provides information on your oil levels, airflow, and a whole lot more. Coming with its own anti-slip pad, this car system can be easily attached to any dashboard without needing any screws or other complicated installation processes. An anti-reflective film furthermore ensures that you’ll be able to drive and use your car HUD system in any weather condition as bright sunlight will have no influence on the display brightness of this magnificent device. he perfect tool to increase your safety on the road while, simultaneously, upgrading your car’s appearance – this cool car HUD system is a true asset to any automobile out there.