Smart Car Audio & Video

  • 10″ Car Headrest DVD Player 

    Entertain and delight passengers young and old with this touch button head rest DVD player. It also comes with an IR remote control you can skip between functions and watch movies, listen to music or even play 32bit emulation games from any seat in the rear. With USB, SD card, HDMI in ports, as well as the support for all major DVD formats (DVD, VCD, MP4, RMVB, CD-R, CD-RW, SVCD and DIVX), there is no shortage of ways to content on this screen. With a 10 screen this rear seat entertainment package brings great visual and audio entertainment to almost any motor vehicle. This DVD player benefits from region free decoding so it isn’t restricted to any geographical area, making it great for use or resale around the world as it can accommodate all DVD regions. The 600cd/m2 screen brightness means you can view it clearly even in bright sunlight and the widescreen format is ideally suited to movies as there is no need for cropped images. The spring load bracket and fittings adjust to accommodate almost any headrest and let you install the DVD player in a matter of minutes.

  • 17″ Roof Mounted Car Monitor 

    Size matters, and when it comes to viewing your media in your vehicle then this is the solution. 17″ of excellent viewing quality due to the crystal clear display with an impressive 1440×900 resolution, this is the Kenworth of LCD monitors. This roof-mounted 17″ LCD screen with 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, enhanced by being compatible with PAL and NTSC video systems is a great way to boast your in car entertainment. Simple to install, this feature-rich system has built-in stereo speakers and a user-friendly button navigation and on-screen menu system or remote controller for your passengers convenience. You can easy control this monitor via the on panel buttons or via the remote control that is included in the package, allowing a simply and friendly user ability. Easy to unfold by just pressing a button this 17″ TFT LCD monitor can be pulled down when wanting to be used and then easily folded back up when not in use and taking up little space. It also has two built-in dome lights that will light up giving you better visibility as well as blue screen. Accelerate into the fast land with this 17 ” monitor and enjoy your media in full.

  • 2 DIN 7″ Car DVD Player with Detachable 7″ Android Tablet

    The “CVITT” is going to be your co pilot not only in your car but also at home and in the office. Coming with a detachable stand alone 7″ Android Tablet, you’ll be able to take your multimedia everywhere. Dock the tablet while in the car to use it as your GPS system and take it with you when leaving your car to watch movies on or browse the web with. The 2DIN Car DVD Player with 7 Inch detachable Android tablet PC, GPS navigation, DVB-T TV and Wi-Fi is taking in-car entertainment to a whole new level.

  • 2 DIN 7″ MP5 Car Stereo Player 

    Enjoy 180 Watts of stunning audio right in your car with this 2 Din car media player. Known as an MP5 player this car stereo supports a wide range of music and video files that can be played direct from a USB pen, SD card or auxiliary in port. so you can plug in your music player or add up to 64 GB of audio and video. If your phone supports Bluetooth then you can wirelessly connect it direct to the player. Once sync up with your phone its easy to share music and with hands free calls you’ll be able to safely take calls from behind the wheel. This double DIN car stereo brings FM and AM radio support and you can enjoy 30 preset channels to store all your favorite stations. Flip between all your favorite channels at the touch of a button and enjoy pitch perfect equalization no matter the genera this stereo will play it perfectly with its multiple sound modes. Able to support a camera input you can easily plug in a rear parking camera and enjoy precision guidance while getting in and out of those tight parking spots.

  • 2 DIN TouchScreen 6.2″ Car DVD Player 

    Make any car journey ten times better with the convenient and compact TouchScreen Car DVD Player. The 2 DIN player comes with a 6.2″ screen, can play 1080p files and is region-free, letting you enjoy great video content no matter which part of the globe you are in. The DVD player comes with a nice 6.2 inch TFT LCD display with the 800 x 480 resolution. So, you will be able to watch movies, series, DVDs all in one spot. The DVD player supports a wide range of DVD formats (DVD-R, DVD-RW,VCD, SVCD and CD), video systems (PAL, NTSC, SECAM, AUTO) and is region-free. Thanks to Bluetooth support, you can easily hook up the DVD player to your phone for total hands free calling, not to mention a wide range of other devices. You will enjoy clear crisp audio as this car DVD player comes with a powerful speaker support letting you use 4×45 Watt speakers alongside it. The DVD player’s touch screen offers easy controls and lets you and your passengers enjoy on-board entertainment in full. On the practical side, the DVD player will double as your GPS navigator taking you efficiently to your destination while missing out the traffic black spots. You can upload all the maps you need via the SD card and make sure you are always heading on the right direction.

  • 4.3″ Motorbike GPS Navigation 

    This motorcycle GPS navigation system has a rugged rubberized outer design that grants it an IPX7 waterproof rating so you can take it out in all weather conditions without fear of water ingress damaging it. The 4.3″ resistive touch screen display can be used with gloved hands and it comes with mountings for your bikes handlebars as well as a suction cup mount for windshields letting you use it for both bikes and cars. With a Windows CE 6.0 operating platform running you should have no problems finding compatible maps to download and with 8GB of internal memory and a micro SD card slot allows for an extra 32GB of storage so you can add movies, music or even e-books to this device letting you enjoy them once you reach your destination.

  • 5″ BlueTooth Motorcycle GPS

    With a 5″ screen displaying in a 16:9 aspect at 800×480 resolutions you can clearly see maps and road details while riding. Relax and enjoy the ride without a care about finding your way as this road angel will guide you to your destination. Having an IPX5 waterproof rating means you don’t have o worry about the rain and ensure this GPS will keep working if your encounter some inclement weather. A 1500mAh li-polymer battery provides 3 to 4 hours of working time so its practical for all but the longest rides you will make. Having a highly sensitive built in antenna makes this GPS navigation system exceptionally accurate and Bluetooth you can connect an A2DP headset that will allow you to receive the GPS voice navigation directly in your ear. 8GB of storage space are available on the GPS as well as a micro SD card slot that allows an extra 16GB of storage so there’s more than enough room for all your needs.

  • 6.2″ Windows CE 6.0 Car Stereo DVD Player 

    For all you car riding fanatics and boy-racers, this car entertainment system is the perfect way to make your wheels even more attractive. Offering a 6.2 TFT LCD screen that has a stunning 800 x 480 resolution and supporting PAL, NTSC, SECAM and AUTO video systems, this car DVD player will totally change the way you interact with your dashboard. By using your phone to sync with this stereo unit via Bluetooth, you can become more intimate with your car and callers by being able to communicate hands-free. Once paired, you can use the DVD player’s touch screen to select people from your phone contacts and also to call them. If you are one of the cool kids on the block who are lucky to own an iPod, then you can make it come to life by connecting it to this in-dash car stereo system via the supporting cable (not included). There are two micro SD card slots available with one supporting extra storage space and another supporting GPS software so you can ensure you know exactly where you are going. You can use this double din car system to play more traditional methods of music as it supports DVD-R, DVD-RW,VCD as well as SVCD CD plus you can access and tune into your favorite AM and FM radio stations. Make some noise the next time you hit the road with this highly diverse and extremely practical car DVD player that is a universal fit for 2 DIN spaced car dashboards.

  • 7″ Black Headrest Stand In Car TFT LCD Monitor 

    Let your passengers enjoy hours of movies with this 7″ car monitor. Easily install it in your car and your passengers will have a guaranteed great ride. On top of that, it will drastically improve the value of your car, would you ever decide to sell it. Hook up a DVD player or even a game console and this screen will truly come to life. Perfect when making long car trips, camping or just for the short ride to school, your kids will love this 7″ monitor!

  • 7″ Car Headrest Monitor 

    You choose where this LCD monitor is installed. Easily install it in your car and your passengers will have a guaranteed interesting ride. In addition, it will drastically improve the value of your car if you ever decide to sell or trade it. With an 800×480 resolution, all movies and videos will be clear and show a high quality picture and also with a 130 degree viewing angle you can enjoy the display from different views knowing you will still have acceptable visual performance. Connect to a DVD player or even a game console and this screen will truly come to life. Perfect when making long car trips, camping or just for the short ride to school, your kids will love this 7″ monitor.

  •  7″ TouchScreen Car DVD Player with TV Box

    The TouchScreen Car DVD Player comes with a 7″ 800×480 TFT LCD display and is compact while offering great video quality for all your media. It supports various TV systems PAL, NTSC, SECAM, AUTO and is region-free. You will also get the built-in FM radio to catch up on the latest news and tunes. With Bluetooth support, you can connect the screen to your smartphone and use the touch screen interface to make and answer calls, listen to music, go through your phone book, call records, adjust volume and more. The TouchScreen Car DVD Player’s display comes with a handy back light for when it gets dark. Say no to boredom on road trips with the 7″ TouchScreen Car DVD Player.

  • 7″ TouchScreen In Dash Car Stereo 

    The 7″ TouchScreen display brings a large viewing area for movies and has an easy to navigate menu for accessing all the video and music options, such as sound equalization. With Bluetooth support you can pair your Smartphone for hands free call management allowing you to safely answer and make calls on the go. This also provides an easy way to stream music, view photos or watch videos that are stored or your phone. FM Radio support for Europe and America will let you preset up to 30 stations but if you would rather select your own play lists then you can take advantage of the micro SD card support. This will allow you to add up to 64GB of media, that equates to over a month of continuous music giving you plenty to choose from. Support up to 180 Watts of audio though 4 speakers this universal in dash car stereo will bring your car to life and provide great entertainment on any journey making driving a real pleasure. Having connection ports for a rear parking camera will let you hook up this in dash car stereo to your car’s reverse camera for hassle free parking, making it easy to reverse into those tight spots.

  • 8″ Central Armrest Car DVD Player 

    If you are looking for a way to keep your passengers entertained during your upcoming holiday or road trip, then this central armrest DVD player is the perfect car accessory for you! Coming with an adjustable foot, this car DVD player can be attached to nearly any car central armrest ranging between 160mm and 230mm in width. The beautiful display of this 8 Inch car DVD player delivers great visuals – letting all passengers in the back seat enjoy their favorite movies, series, and more in stunning beauty. Perfect for entertaining your kids or family while on the road – with this car media player time flies by and you’ll arrive at your next destination in no time. With its rotating display, you will be able to move the screen of this in-car DVD player in a 350-degree angle – assuring that no matter where in the car you’re seated, you’ll always enjoy a spot-on viewing angle. Its 800x600p resolution supports sophisticated color and detail, assuring a great media experience from the back of your car. Coming with its own built-in disc player, you will be able to throw in your favorite DVD and enjoy hours worth of entertainment while on the move. As a true high-end car DVD player, it is region free, meaning you can purchase new DVDs abroad without needing to worry about whether your disc player will be able to play it. Besides regular DVDs, this car media player also supports CD-R, VCD, and a TF card slot – bringing along an abundance of entertainment possibilities. This central armrest DVD player for in your car can be efficiently powered through your car cigarette lighter or its central battery, guaranteeing that you’ll always have an unlimited power supply to enjoy countless of the latest movies. Its 90dB built-in speakers deliver great sound. Additionally, its FM transmitter lets you sync your 8 Inch car DVD player to your central car stereo – allowing you to enjoy absolutely stunning audio quality. To increase your overall user experience even further, this car DVD player allows you to continue watching your movie where you left off before turning it down the previous time. Like this you’ll never have to spend time again on fast forwarding your movie, trying to find back the exact frame where you stopped watching last time. Additionally, it has a multi-language system that supports all the major languages out there. It furthermore comes with its own remote control, letting you browse through your car media player at ease. This armrest DVD player is the perfect easy-to-operate car accessory to keep your kids busy during your upcoming holidays, guaranteeing that you’ll never hear ”are we there yet?” again.

  • 9″ Car Headrest Monitor DVD Player (Pair)

    Two is better than one, that’s why if you are looking to give your passengers extra comfort and entertainment while on a road trip then this pair of 9″ headrest monitors is the answer. These monitor have been made to fit in your car as they have a universal design that fits most vehicles. Keep your children amused or frustrated passengers entertained as you are heading down the road because the 9″ monitors offers a resolution of 800×480 therefore all your content will display clearly. You can also hear everything you watch directly from these headrest monitors as they both have built-in speakers, plus there are several ports so you can insert external devices such as a SD card. Another feature to keep your passengers busy on those long road trips is that these monitors have a built-in wireless game function. Long car journeys will never be the same again.

  • All Terrain 4.3″ TouchScreen Motorcycle GPS Navigation System 

    This Motorcycle GPS features a 4.3″ TouchScreen that provides a user friendly interface in addition two power cables to be connected either to a car’s cigarette lighter receptacle port or a motorcycle battery.  There is a suction mount that can be used to place this GPS on your windscreen or you can opt to use the mounting bracket fixture to connect to the handlebar of your motorcycle for better viewing when riding on the highway. The IPX7 waterproof rating that this GPS unit has means it has been tested by being immersed in water of up to 1 meter in depth for 30 minutes so when you are out in the extreme weather you won’t have to worry about this device failing.  For a safer and more convenient way to ride, this well rounded GPS navigator has Bluetooth connectivity to allow for hands-free plus it also has echo-cancellation.

  • Android 2 DIN 6.2″ Touchscreen Car DVD Player

    This Android Touchscreen universal fitting 2 DIN Car DVD Player could be the perfect fit for your needs. Running on the Android 6.0 OS this multilingual Android 6.2 Touchscreen is packed full of top features. The SIRF III GPS module is able to pinpoint your location to within a few meters and the 3D style GUI interface will clearly show where you are on that large 6.2 Touchscreen for a clear and easy to use in-dash navigation system. Bluetooth connectivity will bring easy access to hands free calling as well as a method to play music direct from your phone or music player. With 3G Dongle support, this Android Touchscreen Car DVD Player can connect directly to the internet brining a world of entertainment. The DVD player is region free so there is no limit to the discs you can play and with support for 4 x 45 watt speakers the audio quality is sure to impress.

  • Android 4.4 GPS 7″ TouchScreen Dash Cam 

    This wide screen 7″ GPS navigator has Android 4.4 so you can use voice commands to set your destination and any waypoints. It will give you clear spoken directions and automatically recalculate for diversions or detours you take along the way. A built in camera lets you capture what’s happening on the road and means this in car navigation aid can double as a car DVR. Its 1/ 2.5 inch CMOS sensor will record in 1280×720 resolutions and gives you documented proof should you ever need court evidence for any abusive road users, unscrupulous traffic police or insurance purposes such as wrongful claims.  With a range of in car entertainment options you can also enjoy listening to your own songs, watching videos, reading a book or playing games and it’s a great way to keep little ones entertained on a long journey.

  • Android 5.1 Touchscreen 7″ Car Stereo 

    Stay entertained on any road trip, no matter how long, with the Android 5.1 Touchscreen Car Stereo. Perfect for lengthy car trips and a great way to entertain those in the back seat, the 2 DIN Stereo comes with intuitive Android 5.1 interface, a responsive 7″ Touchscreen, GPS and more. You can watch all your favourite movies on the 7″ 1024×600 TFT LCD screen in great quality and without bulking up your vehicle. With Bluetooth support, you can hook up a pair of external wireless speakers, headphones and more. Pair the Stereo with your smartphone and use it to hold calls hands free: dial, hang up, send messages and more. Sporting the upgraded Android 5.1 interface, the 2 DIN Stereo offers easy navigation. With GPS support, you can use the 7″ display for finding your way around town, you can use voice commands to locate the neares rest stops and even plot your route.


  • Android 6.0 2 DIN 10.1″ Car Media Player

    With its Android operating system, this car media player comes packed with the latest features the industry has to offer. Watching movies, playing music, hands-free phone calls, and even browsing the web – with this 2 DIN media player your options will be limitless. Packing a Quad-Core CPU and holding 2GB of RAM this Android media system allows you to smoothly enjoy the latest media, games, and applications alike without dropping a frame.  stunning 10.1 Inch display and Mali-400MP graphic’s unit you will be able to enjoy all media in mesmerizing graphics and detail. Supporting an extremely accurate GPS, this 2 DIN media player can additionally be used as a top class navigation system. With its Bluetooth support, you will be able to easily pair your smartphone with this Android media player, letting you answer phone calls and allowing you to engage in hands-free conversations while in traffic. Additionally, you will be able to sync the media player with your smartphone music library, letting you enjoy your favorite tracks in stunning audio quality. Supporting a 3G dongle, this car media system gives you the opportunity to browse the web at any time. Google Play gives you access to millions of free to download applications, games, movies, and 8GB of memory, so you can be assured that there will be enough space for all your games, movies, and applications. Watching movies, playing music, hands-free phone calls, and even browsing the web – with this Android 6.0 Car Media Player 2 DIN your options will be limitless.

  • Android 6.0 TouchScreen 7″ Media Player 

    The ‘Destiny’ universal 2 DIN car media player is a practical and easy way to upgrade your car’s entertainment and navigation systems. Designed to fit into 2 DIN dashboard slots this universal car stereo is suitable for most motor vehicles and has a large 7″ TouchScreen on which to view your media and GPS navigation features. With an Android 4.4 operating system you can take control with voice commands using the OK Google features. Load maps to the GPS unit via a micro SD card and with the SIRF III receiver module, Android 4.2 Map support and 3D type interface you will enjoy real time navigation able to track your every move and guide you smoothly to your destination. Bluetooth connectivity on the ‘Destiny’ offers hands free contols when paired with your Smartphone, so you can answer and dial numbers as well as stream music, sync your phone and even check your call records. Brining in 180 watts of speaker support, GPS radio and voice controls this in car entertainment is the smarter way to enjoy your journeys.


  • Android 6.2″ TouchScreen Car DVD Player with GPS OUT OF STOCK

    Get a complete entertainment, navigation and communication system for your car with this Android TouchScreen GPS Car DVD Player. The Android TouchScreen player comes with a 6.2″ Touchscreen display.  The DVD player is also region-free – giving you access to great content from any part of the globe.  Sporting a highly-accurate porcelain GPS antenna, it will give you correct and clear directions to your destination on its large high definition display. The 2 DIN DVD player comes with fast Bluetooth connectivity – giving you access to even more functionality. Pair the DVD player with your smartphone, and you will be able to use the touch screen interface for picking up calls and holding conversations handsfree. You will also be able to control your music player and adjust the volume using the touch screen. So, get your DVD collection ready and watch your favourite movies and TV shows while on the road. With a variety of video, audio and image formats supported – you can watch anything you want!

  • Android 7″ TouchScreen Car DVD Player 

    The 7″ Touch Screen Car DVD Player will take over the way you engage and listen to music in your car due to having a Flip-Out Display plus a Detachable Front Panel for safety. Take advantage of the GPS to fully enjoy your journey as it will provide you with Lane Assist, Voice Guidance, 3-D Views, Points Of Interest (POI) and other useful GPS features. Pair your Bluetooth compatible phone with the 1 DIN car DVD player to then be able to use the 7 inch touch screen as an interface for easier dialing as well as engaging in phone calls by answering, calling, hanging up and adjusting the volume to ensure a safer ride with less distractions as both your hands will be on the wheel. Replace your existing 1 DIN car stereo system with this top of the line all-in-one power house car DVD player while adding some passion to your driving experience.

  • Android OS Car DVR Kit 1080P 7″ 2 Camera GPS with G Sensor

    This 7″ Car DVR System makes sure you’ll always stay safe on the road. Featuring a front camera as well as a rear parking camera, this car accessory records everything that’s happening around your car at all times. On its bright 7″ display that can be efficiently attached to your dashboard, this dash cam will instantly show live recordings while additionally allowing you to watch back previously recorded footage at any given moment. Featuring a highly accurate 66 channel GPS system, this car DVR kit makes sure you’ll never get lost on the road again. No matter where you’re at, simply insert the area map of your liking and this GPS navigation system will instantly calculate the fastest and most efficient route to meet your upcoming destination. With its 64GB TF card slot, this car DVR camera packs more than enough storage to insert multiple maps while simultaneously offering enough additional space to save recordings and other files of your liking. Both the DVR kit’s front and rear parking camera feature a high-end 1/4-Inch CMOS sensor, providing highly detailed and sharp images of all that’s happening in front and behind your vehicle. Its front camera supports a wide 160-degree viewing angle thanks to which it captures even that what’s happening next to the road – providing you with a perfect overview and ensuring that not a single movement around your car stays uncaptured. Delivering 1080P Full-HD recordings at 30FPS, the dash cam’s recordings let you analyze all that’s happening in great detail. Additionally, the car DVR system features a G-sensor that makes sure all recordings get stored securely in case of an unfortunate accident as well as loop recording settings to ensure your SD card won’t get filled with unnecessary footage. Running on an Android OS, this car GPS and DVR system furthermore allows your passengers to enjoy on-the-road entertainment. With access to the play store, it allows you to download movies, games, and the latest applications that can be enjoyed by all your passengers while waiting to reach your upcoming destination – ensuring that never again a single moment of boredom will enter your car. Great for entertainment, navigation, and security purposes, this car DVR kit is the perfect add-on to any vehicle out there.

  • Bluetooth Car Stereo

    With an FM tuner you can select stations between 87.5 and 108MHz and there’s no need to look down and tune in the stations thanks to the helpful mini remote controller. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity on this car stereo you can answer your Smartphone safely when driving with the push of just one button and once synced you can also listen to MP3, WAV or WMA files from Bluetooth devices. A front Aux in port as well as SD card slot and USB port allow you quick easy access to your music through a range of devices such as memory pens and MP3 players as well as other accessories. Not only can you connect your phone in this way but the stereo will charge it as well though the front facing USB port. Compatible with the vast majority of cars this 1 DIN in dash car stereo comes with everything you need to get started including the mounting brackets and hardware as well as wiring harness making it easy to hook up to your car and slip into your dashboard. Then just plug your 4 speakers into the rear and you are ready to go.

  • Car HUD A3 3.5″

    The A3 car Heads Up Display (HUD) puts all the information you need right before your eyes. With its bright and colorful display the information is displayed clearly and in an easy to read format on your windshield, so you will feel like a fighter pilot while behind the wheel. What’s more won’t ever need to divert your eyes from the road to check your speed, direction or mileage. Quick and easy to install, just place this car HUD on your dashboard using the anti-slip pad, place the reflective film on your windshield and now enjoy driving without taking your eyes off the road as all the information will appear before your eyes on the windscreen. Supporting ODB II means this car HUD will interface directly with your vehicle, the unit also has automatic brightness adjustment to ensure a clear view that is glare free night or day. Your car’s speed can be displayed in km/h or mp/h and with a speed alarm, you will be alerted if you creep over a pre-set limit. Other features include local time, distance traveled, journey time, as well as current direction and satellite connectivity. It requires no additional devices and with its plug and play this car HUD couldn’t be easier to install.

  • Car HUD System 5.5″ 

    This amazing 5.5″ HUD system displays all your driving information on your front windshield, immensely increasing your overall driving safety and additionally adding a cool look to your car. Displaying an abundance of information, this car HUD display inter alia keeps you updated at all times about your current driving speed. Its beautiful 5.5″ digital LED screen furthermore is able to provide you with accurate information on your current fuel levels and fuel consumption rate. This car HUD system also provides information on your oil levels, airflow, and a whole lot more. Coming with its own anti-slip pad, this car system can be easily attached to any dashboard without needing any screws or other complicated installation processes. An anti-reflective film furthermore ensures that you’ll be able to drive and use your car HUD system in any weather condition as bright sunlight will have no influence on the display brightness of this magnificent device. he perfect tool to increase your safety on the road while, simultaneously, upgrading your car’s appearance – this cool car HUD system is a true asset to any automobile out there.

  • Car Rearview Camera

    With this two-in-one rear camera and radar sensor for in your car, you’ll never have to worry about bumping into an object again while trying to park your vehicle in reverse. Simply place this waterproof camera at the rear of your car, attach it to a display, and you’ll always be able to enjoy detailed footage of what’s happening behind your car straight from your dashboard. Thanks to its 170-degree wide-angle lens, this camera will provide you with a great overview of anything that’s located behind your car, ensuring that you’ll never have to worry about hitting any obstacles again while driving in reverse. Thanks to its IP67 waterproof design; this car rearview camera can be used efficiently in any weather condition. It features a 1/3-Inch High-Definition CMOS Chip, providing great footage in stunning detail. Additionally, this low illumination camera features night vision, allowing you to use it both at day and night. This intelligent car radar sensor and rear camera will start working automatically. Providing you with sharp images and highly accurate data on the distance between your car and certain objects. hanks to its smart alarm feature, a beeping alarm will sound whenever your car is approaching an object too close – guaranteeing that you’ll always stay informed and never accidentally hit an object again. Easy to install and suitable for any car model out there, this smart rear view camera and radar sensor is the ultimate car accessory.

  • CarCam III DVR Dual Rotating Camera System with Gps and G Sensor

    Coming with not one but two cameras this car DVR lets you record footage from different angles simultaneously so you can cover all that happens within, as well as, outside the vehicle. So with this security camera for your vehicle you can record every moment of your drive as it happens, so whether your just capturing stunning sunsets and interesting moment or whether its video evidence when dealing with an accident or police thaw car DVR is your reliable witness. Featuring Ignition Auto Start the Carcam III will begin recording the minute you turn the key ensuring that you don’t forget to activate it, so no event will be missed. To ensure your valuable data isn’t recorded over the camera has G-sensor support. Should any sudden movement be detected this will signal the camera to automatically protect the recording around that time, you can even activate this manual should there be some interesting events you want to capture. You can chose to capture footage with either camera individually or both together and with 180 degree rotation and 140 degree lens angles the twin cameras can cover a huge area. The GPS module included with this car DVR will let you pinpoint location and even record your travel speed. a great way for seeing where anyone borrowing your car may have gone or for pinpointing the location of any incidents or spectacular view you encountered.

  • Complete Car Reversing Kit

    This well-designed system comes complete with a high quality 3.5″ TFT screen and wide angle camera, giving you the confidence and peace of mind to safely position your car when navigating into tight parking spaces, parallel parking or simply reversing. Additionally, the easy-to-install design and build will also fit in almost any make or model of car and makes for a great car upgrade.  Other excellent features include night vision LEDs, which illuminate the area behind you at night and keep you safe and secure. Perfect for backing into tight spots or moving in reverse when visibility is limited – it’s like having a few extra eyes!

  • Complete Car Reversing Set 

    This Car Reversing Set has it all to help you reverse in narrow alleys, underground parking lots and other difficult areas with maximum safety. You, your passengers, and even pedestrians nearby will instantly feel safer with this complete kit. Included inside is a weatherproof high resolution rear camera (which delivers clear, colorful images day and night), 4 ultra sensitive sonar distance detectors, a 7 inch rearview screen monitor with touch buttons, and a handy senor box to connect everything together. Designed to provide the most useful service for drivers, the ingenious set also combines several excellent features such as beeping warnings (from the included speaker) when the car gets too close to something, a real time distance display from the back of the car to anything detected within 2 meters on the rearview screen, auto powering and viewing of both sensors and camera when the car goes in reverse. With the advanced Complete Car Reversing Set, avoid accidents and save a lot of money on potential repairs and insurance! It is the best solution to gain total visibility of what’s behind the vehicle.

  • D35 Full 1080P HD Dual Camera Car DVR System with GPS and G Sensor

    Get a reliable protection from fraud and road scams with the full HD dual car DVR that will provide you with clear video feedback and irrefutable proof should anything happen on the road. With full HD resolution and two wide angle cameras at your service, you will get everything you need for a smooth and safe road trip. You can choose to record with one lens or two simultaneously. When recording with both, you will have 1280×1440 at 30 frames per second. With 140 and 178 degree angles, both cameras provide a comprehensive view of the road and no details will go missing in the recording. Thanks to auto recording, the DVR will turn on automatically as soon as your turn your keys in the ignition. What’s more, the dashcam comes with G-sensor and will make sure that the moment when the car swerves, stops suddenly on hits something is saved in the recording. Thanks to internal GPS, you will also have evidence of your position at the time of a road accident should one occur. You can easily review the taken footage on a 2.4 inch screen with 960×240 resolution. The dual car DVR supports an SD card of up to 64GB. Keep your eyes on the road, while the dual cam car DVR records your trip in full HD.

  • Dual Camera Car Blackbox DVR with GPS Logger and G-Sensor

    Constantly on alert, this Car DVR is installed directly on the windshield and powers on automatically when the engine is on. Dual cameras record everything on the road as well as inside the car. A built-in battery is included for you to detach the car DVR from your windshield and playback its video directly on the 2.7″ LCD screen. Compared to normal car DVRs, this new model introduces great new features such as; a GPS logger letting you open up Google Maps and you can instantly see your vehicle’s driving track, speed, time, and date which insurance companies love love to have; a G-Sensor, also known as the gravity sensor, allowing this car DVR to detect and record any sudden motion or speed changes in X, Y and Z axis meaning as soon as any sharp braking, rapid acceleration, excessive cornering or sudden impact occurs, you can be sure this car DVR remembers. Keep yourself protected from fraudulent lawsuits on the road with one of the most advanced car DVRs ever: The Dual Camera Car Blackbox DVR with GPS Logger and G-Sensor.

  •  Dual Camera Rear Mirror Dash Cam 1080P 4.5″

    For extra security on the road you can’t beat a dual lens dash cam capable of recording all that goes on behind the car as well as what’s happening in front. With its front mounted mirror camera recording impressive 1080P video at 30 FPS you get a crystal clear image of the road ahead, while the rear camera helps identify and record hazards approaching from behind, such as speeding or reckless motorists. Good exposure settings and adjustable white balance means day or night you get great quality footage.  Quick and effortless to install, all that’s required is for you to simply clip this mirror cam onto your rearview mirror for and adjust 170 degree lens to capture the road ahead. With a 4.5″ LCD screen this rearview mirror car DVR brings you a large viewing area for reviewing the footage and good road side playback. Loop recording will prevent you from running out of disc space as the camera will write over any unimportant info while the G-sensor ensures that if there’s any sudden movement such as an impact or heavy breaking maneuver the cameras current footage is marked for safekeeping and locked from being recorded over. Thansk to the auto recording mode this car DVR will begin recording once you start the engine so you don’t even have to remember to hit the record button, this means that it will always be there looking out for you at every turn without intruding in your day.


  • Full HD Car DVR System

    Stay safe while out on the road with this Full-HD car DVR kit. As one of the most compact dash cams out there, this car DVR cam is sure to record all the incidents happening around your car. Featuring a 170-degree wide angle lens, you can be assured that with this dash cam nothing that happens outside your car will stay uncaptured. By constantly monitoring the road ahead and capturing all that’s happening in stunning detail, this 1080p camera ensures that you won’t miss any important details and preserves the facts of any road disputes. Additionally, this car DVR system comes with a 2.7″ monitor that lets you instantly replay your recordings. Packing a 1/4-Inch CMOS sensor, this dash cam is capable of recording high detailed images in Full-HD resolution at a frame rate of 24FPS, ensuring that even while driving high speed, not the slightest detail will be left uncaptured. This car DVR camera furthermore features a G-sensor that can be adjusted to suit your personal needs so I won’t needlessly trigger while driving on a bumpy road, but will be sure to lock down any crucial recordings in the unfortunate event of an accident. From now on you can be assured that not a single piece of evidence gets lost again as, with this car black box, you’ll always have detailed 1080p recordings to back up your claims protecting you against false accusations and high insurance claims following an unfortunate accident or event of vandalism. Allowing you to insert a 32GB Micro SD card, you can be ensured that this car DVR kit always supports enough space for you to store all your recordings. For those of you who do not like to fill up their memory too rapidly, this dash cam also supports loop recording – allowing you to record footage in loops of 3, 5, or 10 minutes before overwriting the previous recording. Coming with its own suction cup mount, this dash cam can be easily mounted or removed from your windscreen at any time. This allows you to alternatively put this dash cam in your pocket and take it with you while engaging on a little hike.

  • GPS Real Time Car Tracker Alarm Sysytem

    GPS Vehicle Tracker with real-time tracking as well as SMS and remote control, a Shock sensor, a car alarm siren, and all the latest advanced car security technology in one package. It’s convenient control via SMS giving you a full range of Alarm features including fuel to engine cut off makes this GRP the ultimate safety gadget for your car, van, or truck. Additionally, this car GPS tracking device will immediately cut off your vehicle’s engine whilst in motion if needed. Simply send an SMS message directly to this GPS tracker and it will disarm the gas and battery power. When serious impacts, minor disturbances or disruptions are detected, this shock sensor utilizes a warning chip that trips the alarm. If someone unauthorized opens a vehicle door, your siren will sound and scare off any undesired entry to your vehicle. Also cutting your car alarm wire will not prevent your siren from wailing. An added level of security comes with this car GPS tracker; via its remote control lock/unlocking. Power lock doors can be controlled from several feet away and no one can enter your vehicle without your wireless transmitter.

  • MP5 7″ Car Stereo Player 

    This 2 DIN 7″ MP5 Car Stereo Player is the perfect device to entertain children and adults alike during your upcoming road trips and holidays. Featuring a large 7″ LCD display this MP5 Car Stereo Player is capable of playing all your favorite movies in Full HD 1080P and stunning 800 x 480 resolution. Pair this MP5 Car Stereo Player with your Smartphone through Bluetooth and enjoy all your basic cell phone features straight from your car dashboard. Play previously installed media files from your Smartphone, share pictures, and even dial and receive calls. Additionally this car MP5 player can be connected to a reverse parking cam – offering you all the support needed while trying to carefully maneuver your car backwardly while parking it in one of those tight city parking lots. The perfect car entertainment device for anybody who is searching for true cinematic experience.