HD Hynudal

  • HD Hynudal Karaoke Machine with 2 Wireless Microphones, Echo Mixer, YAMAHA Chipset, Supports Phone + PC

    Tired of quietly whispering the lyrics of your favourite songs in the shower? It’s time for them to hear you roar. Sing along to your favorite tracks and invite your friends along! The HD-Hynudal Unique Karaoke Machine is sure to liven up any party and get your guests moving even if it’s way past midnight. Loaded with fun features and coming with two wireless mics, this signing gadget is meant for sharing. So warm up your vocal cords and get ready for a sing-down! Simply hook up the karaoke machine to your PC or phone and stream the latest tracks as you sing along to the popular lyrics. Super easy to set up and a joy to use, this compact box will make your home then number one party spot.


    • Get the party started and sing along to your favourite tracks with the HD-Hynudal Karaoke Machine
    • Great sound qualitywith YAMAHA chipset and professional echo processing
    • Two wireless mikes let you perform duets and show off your dance moves with nothing getting in the way
    • Great KTV effects will make your voice like that of a true singer – so turn up the sound and sing away
  • HD Hyundal HDMI Karaoke Mixer with Dual Microphone Input, Echo Effect, Individual Volume Controls

    The HD Hyundal all in one Karaoke mixer is just what you need to take your singing to the next level. Invite the friends and family round for nights to remember as you show of your vocal talents. The Karaoke mixer comes with a professional condenser Karaoke microphone and high grade lead so all you get is a crystal clear vocal track without any added noise or distortions. This plugs directly into the mixer along with your source music, which lets you directly control the volume of each input and add echo effects into the mix. With HDMI input and output ports you can you hook up the HD Hyundal Karaoke mixer directly to your computer, DVD player, games console or TV and take control of your exclusive karaoke room.


    • HDMI Karaoke Mixer lets you connect to a range of players such as PC, Laptop, DVD, Game Systems and more
    • Dual Microphone inputs with individual volume controls is perfect for duets and chorus support
    • The professional condenser microphone and echo effect for the KTV experience
    • Suitable for use with a wide range of Karaoke software: cool songs I K, YY, Bi-chat ,Karafun, Sunfly, Mike crazy, MV box, K show, quack K song and more