• DJI Mavic Pro Mini Platinum Drone with 30 Minutes Flight Time, 65km/h, 15KM Range, GPS, 4K Camera, Different Flight Modes, App

    The DJI Mavic Pro Mini Platinum is one of the fastest, longest lasting, and quietest commercial drones currently available. With their latest RC drone, DJI has once again stunned the electronics industry. This remarkable Quad-Copter is capable of reaching unbelievable in-flight speeds and comes with an increased flight time thanks to its upgraded motor and battery. If you’re looking for a high-end video drone, the DJI Mavic Pro Mini Platinum is the way to go. With its abundance of in-flight features, high-end specs, and 4K camera – this quad-copter has it all. With its state of the art motor, this DJI drone allows you cruise through the skies at speeds up to 65KM/h. The drone itself is extremely compact and lightweight. Therefore, it brings along great maneuverability. A powerful 2970mAh battery is in place that delivers up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted flight time. It furthermore supports a stunning 15KM range. Thanks to this, you’ll truly be treated to unlimited possibilities while flying around and discovering your surroundings. This latest video drone comes packed with a professional-grade 4K camera. With its 3-axis gimbal, it lets you look around and snap great pictures and video from any angle. The camera itself comes equipped with a 1/2.3-Inch CMOS sensor that lets you capture Ultra-HD video as well as 12MP pictures. With different shooting modes and SD card recording, this video drone is guaranteed to meet all your photography demands. The DJI Mavic Pro Mini Platinum drone supports Dual-Band WiFi. It allows you to easily pair your Quad-Copter to your smartphone or FPV glasses. Treating you to HD live footage, it will truly enhance your in-flight experience. Your drone furthermore supports an abundance of in-flight modes. This makes the device easy to control and fly for both advanced and beginning drone pilots out there. No matter your demands, this DJI drone will meet them at ease.


    • Enjoy upgraded flight speeds and flight time with the DJI Mavic Pro Mini Platinum
    • 4K camera lets you capture Ultra-HD footage and 12MP pictures from the skies
    • Dual-Band WiFi support lets you pair the RC drone with your smartphone or FPV goggles
    • A wide range of flight modes and in-flight features treat you to a stunning drone experience
  • DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Drone Combo with 65km/h, 4K Camera, 30 Minutes Flight Time, 15KM Range, GPS, Different Flight Modes, App

    If you’re looking to take the most out of your Drone experience, the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum drone is perfect for you. This state of the art Quad-Copter comes with a range of improvements compared to its predecessor. Thanks to this, it has become one of the most powerful and long-lasting commercial RC drones available on today’s market. With its improved engine and battery, it offers stunning flights speeds up to 65KM/h and a flight time of 30 minutes. But this is not all, the improved hardware does not only make your drone fly faster and further, it also makes it quieter. This allows you to cruise through the skies in stealth without disturbing others. As a combo package, this version of the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum drone comes with a wide-range of extra accessories. You’ll be treated to extra spare propellers, a car charger, battery changing hub, battery to power bank adaptor, and a comfortable shoulder bag. All these charging accessories will provide you with extra efficiency when you’re out enjoying all the amazing features this latest video drone has to offer. Thanks to its abundance of different flight modes, this Quad-Copter is perfect for advanced and beginning drone pilots alike. With its compact and lightweight design, this video drone can be easily carried around no matter where you go. It comes packed with a stunning 4K camera that has been attached to a 3-axis gimbal. With its 1/2.3-Inch CMOS sensor and 78-degree lens, this high-end camera lets you shoot breathtaking 4K video and 12MP pictures. It even comes with WiFi connectivity, App Support, and HD 720p FPV support. This makes the drone perfect for all of you that love to explore your surroundings by sky or simply like to shoot beautiful aerial photographs from above. This 4K video drone from DJI comes with an advanced controller. The remote has a transmission distance of up to 7KMs. This truly offers you to unlimited freedom while you’re cruising through the skies at speeds up to 65KM/h. With auto take-off and landing, GPS support, and so many other features, this RC drone is sure to meet all your in-flight demands.


    • Enjoy upgraded flight speeds and flight time with the DJI Mavic Pro Mini Platinum
    • 4K camera lets you capture Ultra-HD footage and 12MP pictures from the skies
    • A wide range of flight modes and in-flight features offer plenty of possibilities
    • Combo package comes with an abundance of extra accessories to upgrade your flying experience
  • DJI Racing Edition VR Goggles – FPV, Superior Imaging Sensor, 2.4 & 5.8GHz, 7km Range, Touch Button Controls

    DJI Racing Edition goggles for use with your drone make it feel as though you’re flying. These incredible VR goggles are like being in front of an IMAX screen as you see the world from the perspective of the camera on your drone. The racing edition goggles are a step up from the standard. They feature racing frequencies, a camera and transmitter for your drone, a mount for racing antenna and, most importantly, reduced latency.  The fantastic performance of these VR goggles are ideal for racing through the skies as the FPV is delivered with speed, stability, and clarity thanks to the OcuSync video transmission module that brings dual band 2.4 and 5.8GHz frequencies with a low latency of just 50ms and allows for a control range of up to 7km.  There are 12 selectable transmission channels that allow multiple headsets and drones to operate simultaneously in the same area without interference. The camera module uses a 1/3 inch image sensor that provides high res video transmission that’s superior to most other FPV goggles.  Integrated touch buttons on the side of the VR DJI Goggles RE bring access to the flight settings such as gimble control, flight data and more. The goggles aren’t just restricted to racing drones and can be used with other vehicles and robots offering a range of applications from building inspection to search and rescue.


    • Enjoy a high-performance VR experience when flying your drone.
    • Direct access to flight settings and controls from integrated touch buttons.
    • Superior imaging sensor provides higher resolution video transmission than competitors.
    • Access 12 Selectable low-interference transmission channels for an uninterrupted flight.