• Chuwi Hi10 Plus Tablet PC with Licensed Win 10 + Android 5.1, Z8350 64Bit CPU, 4GB RAM, 10.8 Inch Screen, USB Type C

    The Chuwi HI10 Plus is the latest offering to the Chuwi HI10 Series, with its large FHD display and 8.5 mm slim built this metal framed tablet looks and feels similar to the HI10 Pro. However, on closer inspection, there are some distinct differences. The screen is a little larger at 10.8 inches so you get to enjoy a little more room for visual entertainment and with Cherry trail processor is also a little more advanced using the later Z8350 Quad Core processor, with its ample 4GB of RAM this new Chuwi H10 Plus is one of the more powerful tablets around and the Intel HD Graphics ensures smooth visuals when watching films and playing games. This Windows 10 laptop-tablet hybrid comes with the addition of a secondary operating system, the Android 5.1 has the additional benefits of adding an external display, better multitasking, improved keyboard shortcuts and allows you to use the underlying Android OS more like an actual desktop or laptop computer. A huge 8400mAh battery brings up to 6 hours of usage time which is more than enough to enjoy some movies and gaming. Despite this large battery and sizeable screen the tablet is fairly compact with its 8.5mm thickness it comes in at about 700 grams which is light for a 10.8 inch tablet. When it comes to connectivity you’ll notice a magnetic connection on the bottom of the device allowing you to easily add the Chuwi keyboard (not included) and that will turn this powerful tablet into a portable laptop. There is also a Type-C USB, micro HDMI port, SD card slot and micro USB port, as well as OTG and Bluetooth 4.0 support so it is easy to connect this tablet with all your peripherals be they wired or wireless.


    • Intel Z8350 Quad Core processor and 4GB of RAM make the Chuwi HI10 Plus a very capable Tablet PC
    • 10.8 inch full HD display for a fantastic viewing experience
    • Two operating systems bring the best of both worlds
    • 8400mAh battery allows you to enjoy more games, movies and web browsing for longer
  • Chuwi Lapbook 12.3″ Windows Laptop with 2K Display, Licensed Windows 10, Quad-Core CPU, 6GB DDR3 RAM, SSD Support

    The Chuwi 12.3″ Lapbook is a compact Windows laptop that is great for students and business users alike. With its lightweight design, this beautiful laptop can be carried along efficiently anywhere you go. It features a stunning 12.3-Inch display that supports a breathtaking 2736x1824p resolution. This 2K display certainly will treat you to mesmerizing visuals and details while enjoying your favorite games and media. Thanks to its IPS support, you’ll be treated to great visuals no matter your viewing angle. If you are looking for a Windows laptop that lets you enjoy your favorite media to its most, the Chuwi Lapbook 12.3″ certainly is a device to consider. With its licensed Windows 10 Home operating system, it treats you to a smooth user experience. You’ll be able to use all the trusted Windows and MS Office features without encountering any lag. Your Windows laptop packs a sophisticated Intel Celeron N3450 Quad-Core processor and 6GB DDR3L RAM. This hardware puts forth a powerful performance that lets you tackle games, films, and programs without dropping a frame. The 64GB EMMC Hard Disc and 128GB SD card slot provide you with all storage needed to save your files. Dual-Band WiFi allows you to browse the web at lightning speeds when you’re at home or in the office. Your laptop comes with a whopping 8000mAh battery that brings along plenty hours of usage time. Therefore, you’ll be able to work or play games for up to 5 hours in a row without needing to recharge. It also supports Bluetooth 4.0 and comes with a mini HDMI input to further increase your overall user experience. Whether you use it for business, study, or entertainment – this Windows laptop is sure to meet your demands.


    • Undergo a breathtaking visual experience on a 12.3-Inch 2K Display
    • Windows 10 Home treats you to a great user experience
    • Supports SSD storage up to 64GB and micro-SD up to 128GB for all your storage needs
    • Get the most out of your laptop throughout the day with its 8000mAh battery