• 8 Channel NVR Kit

    View your security footage in HD brilliance for a fuller view of your property and all that goes on inside and around it. Ideal for any business or home this 8 channel NVR kit is quick and easy to install as each of the 8 IP cameras comes with PoE support. So cabling is kept to a minimum. Accessing the live video feed couldn’t be easier as this 8 channel NVR has cloud P2P and mobile surveillance support so remote viewing is a few simple steps away with your Smartphone or tablet and Windows Blackberry, iOS and Android are all supported. With 4 detection areas and a 6 level sensitivity it’s easy to protect all the crucial areas of your home or workplace receiving email notifications and recording any important events that you need to be aware of. Each of the 8 cameras can has its own mount and with a 1/3 inch CMOS sensor delivers 960p HD resolution images to the NVR. With a SATA port and support for up to 4TB HDD there’s more than enough room for your security footage. With night vision support and IR Cut the cameras provide coverage day and night so not a second will go unmonitored. To make for simple installation each camera just needs connection with an Ethernet cable and no separate power supply is required as they support PoE.

  • 8.5″ Brazilian Hematite Bracelet

    Enhance your look while retaining your natural beauty with this 8.5″ Brazilian Hematite Bracelet. It features durable Titanium Steel for a product that endures your active lifestyle. 

  • 8.5″ Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

    Enhance your style with this 304 Titanium Steel Bracelet. Each link on the high polished motorcycle-style chain is designed to create a fluid movement. The bracelet stays secure with a fold-over clasp. The 304 Titanium Steel Motorcycle Chain Bracelet has a high polished finish. Guaranteed to make you the highlight of the night.

  • 8.5″ Titanium Steel Bangle Bracelet

    This bracelet will be a welcome addition to your jewelry collection. Blending elegance with strength, this stylish and lightweight bracelet will make a perfect gift for that special person in your life.

  • 8.5″ Titanium Steel Byzantine Unisex Bracelet

    Providing stoic charm and bold sophistication, this byzantine-style Titanium Steel Bracelet brings panache to any outfit. The bracelet is secured with a lobster claw clasp and  features a high polish finish that brings out the luster of the 8.5″ Titanium Steel Byzantine Unisex Bracelet.

  • 8.5″ Titanium Steel Geometrical Bracelet with Senior Square Buckle

    Display your boldness and character with this handsome high polish beveled 8.5″ Titanium Steel Geometrical Bracelet with Senior Square Buckle. This unisex jewelry item features a solid Titanium Steel construction. The solid metal construction give this item a nice feel and appeal. The 8.5″ Titanium Steel Geometrical Bracelet with Senior Square Buckle contours well into the shape of your wrist for comfortable wear.

  • 8.5″ Titanium Steel Gold Byzantine Unisex Bracelet

    Providing stoic charm and bold sophistication, this byzantine-style Titanium Steel Gold Bracelet brings panache to any outfit. The bracelet is secured with a lobster claw clasp and  features a high polish finish that brings out the luster of the 8.5″ Titanium Steel Gold Byzantine Unisex Bracelet.

  • 8.5″  Unisex Leather Bracelet Bangle with Alloy Buckle Ornament

    Embrace your earthy side with this Leather Bangle Bracelet with Alloy Buckle Ornament. The slide lock keeps your bracelet in place and layers of multi-string leather add depth to your look.


  • 8″ Adjustable Steel Chain Bracelet

    Make yourself distinguishable and add class to your apparel by wearing this handsome high polish bracelet. This 8″ Adjustable Steel Chain Bracelet is inspired by the luxury watch bracelet that President Eisenhower wore. The bracelet is constructed of 3 rows of half moon stainless steel links which secure with a jewelry clasp. The bracelet construction yields maximum comfort, as the links contour well into the shape of your wrist.

  • 8″ Black Braided Leather Bangle with Magnetic Buckle

    Wrap your wrist in our 8″ Black Braid Leather Bangle with Magnetic Buckle . You can match it with beautiful clothes at different seasons. This accessory can add a hint of shine to your look.


  • 8″ Black Braided Leather Bangle with Magnetic Buckle

    This bold and sharp 8″ Leather Bangle with Magnetic Buckle features a rich black braided leather strap and a silver plated stainless steel magnetic buckle.  The brushed finish silver plated clasp accentuates this item with sharpness and combines with the black leather to create an indispensable accessory.

  • 8″ Black Middle Stainless Steel Leather Braided Bangle

    Add a bold and unique accessory to your wardrobe with this handsome stainless steel and leather bracelet. This 8″ Black Middle Stainless Steel Leather Braided Bangle item features a high polish stainless steel curb chain with interwoven  leather. The stainless steel chain is woven in between two leather ropes. A high polish stainless steel slide lock magnetic clasp accentuates this bracelet with shine and elegance. The interwoven leather detailing combines with a polished stainless steel chain to create an indispensable accessory. The 8″ Black Middle Stainless Steel Leather Braided Bangle contours well onto the shape of you wrist for a comfortable wear.

  • 8″ Black Multi Layer Leather Bangle Charm Bracelet

    This genuine braided leather bracelet is adorned with stainless steel beads featuring an interesting textured appearance. A brushed polished stainless steel magnetic clasp makes this bracelet both functional and fashionable.

  • 8″ Black Unisex Leather Braided Bangle with Magnetic Buckle

    Wrap your wrist in this 8″ Black Unisex Leather Braided Bangle with Magnetic Buckle. You can match it with your beautiful wardrobe at any season. This accessory can add a hint of shine to your look.


  • 8″ Central Armrest Car DVD Player 

    If you are looking for a way to keep your passengers entertained during your upcoming holiday or road trip, then this central armrest DVD player is the perfect car accessory for you! Coming with an adjustable foot, this car DVD player can be attached to nearly any car central armrest ranging between 160mm and 230mm in width. The beautiful display of this 8 Inch car DVD player delivers great visuals – letting all passengers in the back seat enjoy their favorite movies, series, and more in stunning beauty. Perfect for entertaining your kids or family while on the road – with this car media player time flies by and you’ll arrive at your next destination in no time. With its rotating display, you will be able to move the screen of this in-car DVD player in a 350-degree angle – assuring that no matter where in the car you’re seated, you’ll always enjoy a spot-on viewing angle. Its 800x600p resolution supports sophisticated color and detail, assuring a great media experience from the back of your car. Coming with its own built-in disc player, you will be able to throw in your favorite DVD and enjoy hours worth of entertainment while on the move. As a true high-end car DVD player, it is region free, meaning you can purchase new DVDs abroad without needing to worry about whether your disc player will be able to play it. Besides regular DVDs, this car media player also supports CD-R, VCD, and a TF card slot – bringing along an abundance of entertainment possibilities. This central armrest DVD player for in your car can be efficiently powered through your car cigarette lighter or its central battery, guaranteeing that you’ll always have an unlimited power supply to enjoy countless of the latest movies. Its 90dB built-in speakers deliver great sound. Additionally, its FM transmitter lets you sync your 8 Inch car DVD player to your central car stereo – allowing you to enjoy absolutely stunning audio quality. To increase your overall user experience even further, this car DVD player allows you to continue watching your movie where you left off before turning it down the previous time. Like this you’ll never have to spend time again on fast forwarding your movie, trying to find back the exact frame where you stopped watching last time. Additionally, it has a multi-language system that supports all the major languages out there. It furthermore comes with its own remote control, letting you browse through your car media player at ease. This armrest DVD player is the perfect easy-to-operate car accessory to keep your kids busy during your upcoming holidays, guaranteeing that you’ll never hear ”are we there yet?” again.

  • 8″ Personality Silicone Bangle with Stainless Steel Buckle

    Featuring the 8″ Personality Silicone Bangle with Stainless Steel Buckle, this bracelet allows you to easily add style to your wardrobe. Whether you are looking for  a sleek profile or elegant style,  the 8″ Personality Silicone Bangle with Stainless Steel Buckle bracelet gives an air of sophistication to any occasion

  • 8″ Stainless Steel Silicone Bracelet

    A sleek profile gives this 8″ Stainless Steel Silicone Bracelet an air of sophistication. Bracelet features links of stainless steel and is lined with black silicone and finished with a stainless steel safety clasp.

  •  “Nugget”-9.5″ Metal Detector with Hard Carrying Case, Water Resistant and Metal Type Recognition

    The “Nugget” metal detector is a professional detector built for the avid treasure hunter which comes equipped with a 9.5 inch waterproof detection plate, allowing you to track metals in shallow waters, muddy fields and any other rough terrain. Make every hunting trip a great success by adjusting the sensitivity of the scanner manually up to 3.5m deep, and instantly displaying the type of metal scanner detects you’ll know exactly what you’ve stumbled upon and if it’s worth digging it up.  Coming with a hard carrying case, the “Nugget” is easy to transport and won’t get damaged while on the road. Easy to use, the “Nugget” is perfect for both the professional treasure hunter and the starting adventurer looking for a decent detector. Coins, rings, jewelry and pirate treasures are all waiting to be found in your own backyard, public beaches and fields so start treasure hunting today! As an extra, a pair of quality headphones is included so you can get the search going immediately. 

  • 9.5″ Titanium Steel Chain Bracelet

    Add a little class and elegance to a casual, semi-formal, or formal outfit with this 9.5″ Titanium Steel Chain Bracelet. Made of durable, comfortable Titanium steel, this stylish bracelet features a cool hidden closure that keeps it secure on your wrist.

  • 9″ Car Headrest Monitor DVD Player (Pair)

    Two is better than one, that’s why if you are looking to give your passengers extra comfort and entertainment while on a road trip then this pair of 9″ headrest monitors is the answer. These monitor have been made to fit in your car as they have a universal design that fits most vehicles. Keep your children amused or frustrated passengers entertained as you are heading down the road because the 9″ monitors offers a resolution of 800×480 therefore all your content will display clearly. You can also hear everything you watch directly from these headrest monitors as they both have built-in speakers, plus there are several ports so you can insert external devices such as a SD card. Another feature to keep your passengers busy on those long road trips is that these monitors have a built-in wireless game function. Long car journeys will never be the same again.

  • A4B2 4 Channel AHD DVR System with 4 HD IP66 720P Cameras, Motion Detection, 20M Night Vision and Remote Monitoring

    The A4B2 4 Channel AHD DVR kit with four cameras is an inexpensive security system that’s quick and easy to deploy and brings comprehensive surveillance. Including 4-night vision cameras, all you need is a simple display and some coaxial cable to have a complete security system at your disposal. The cameras’ video streams are encoded by the DVR using the h.264 codec as it writes to the HDD. This allows the video files to be effectively compressed without degradation to quality for far better storage. The DVR comes kitted out with a 1TB hard disk drive that can easily be swapped for a higher capacity one (up to 6TB) if required. The 4 rugged cameras that come with this DVR kit have a full metal body construction and with their IP66 cases, they can be located indoors or out. Each camera has a 1/4 inch CMOS sensor capable of capturing high definition 720p video at 25 or 30 FPS so you get excellent footage. With their 36 IR LEDS they can see up to 20 meters at night and the fully adjustable wall brackets let you mount them at any conceivable angle. The DVR has a Linux based operating system with graphical user interface which is clear and easy navigate using the included USB mouse. This system is well laid out so you can effortlessly set up recording modes, motion detection areas and playback recorded footage. Equipped with a network port means that this DVR can be configured for remote access, this lets you use an internet connected PC, tablet or another device to review any recorded footage or watch the live feed remotely. Now you can check in at the office when you’re away or monitor your home when on vacation during the holidays.

  • Coastal Furniture Accent Chair with Black, Gray and White Flower Pattern

    You’ll have a pleasing and interesting addition for your living area, bedroom or home office decor with this accent chair. The piece carries Black, Gray and White Flower Pattern design and features square tapered legs for a truly unique appearance. There will be a lot to like with this Coastal Furniture Accent Chair in your home.

  • Aegis Biometric Deadbolt Fingerprint Door Lock Right Handed

    This biometric door lock with deadbolt features 3 forms of entry, fingerprint, access code, and key, for when only the highest quality in door entry security is acceptable. Losing or misplacing your keys is extremely easy and poses a huge security risk. Not to mention, standard door handle/lock systems can be easily picked. With the Aegis Fingerprint Door Lock, access is granted by a state-of-the-art 3D optical sensor that can’t be broken into and was designed to guard your home, office, or business. For those who need it, PIN Code or Key Entry options are also available as a backup for triple security. The thoughtful design of using a high grade fireproof aluminum body and double layer lock panel is just a symbol of the trust you can place in the Aegis Fingerprint Door Lock, which represents heavy duty, high quality security. Throw in a deadbolt lock to double the protection and you have one of the most impregnable fingerprint systems known to man. This Fingerprint Door Lock is impossible to break into, but for those who have clearance, access is easy and only takes a few seconds.

  • Aegis Premium Deadbolt Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

    The new ultimate solution in business and home security, the “Aegis” Premium Fingerprint Door Lock. This biometric door lock with deadbolt features 3 forms of entry (fingerprint, access code, and key) for when only the highest quality in door entry security is acceptable. The “Aegis” biometric fingerprint door lock is the perfect entry management system as losing or misplacing your keys is extremely easy and poses a huge security risk. Not to mention, standard door handle/lock systems can be easily picked. With the “Aegis” Fingerprint Door Lock, access is granted by a state-of-the-art 3D optical sensor that can’t be broken into and was designed to guard your home, office, or business. For those who need it, PIN Code or Key Entry options are also available as a backup for triple security. The “Aegis” secure and virtually indestructible as well thoughtful design uses a high grade fireproof aluminum body and double layer lock panel is just a symbol of the trust you can place in the “Aegis” Fingerprint Door Lock, which represents heavy duty, high quality security. Throw in a deadbolt lock to double the protection and you have one of the most impregnable fingerprint systems known to man. This Fingerprint Door Lock is impossible to break into, but for those who have clearance, access is easy and only takes a few seconds.

  • All Terrain 4.3″ TouchScreen Motorcycle GPS Navigation System 

    This Motorcycle GPS features a 4.3″ TouchScreen that provides a user friendly interface in addition two power cables to be connected either to a car’s cigarette lighter receptacle port or a motorcycle battery.  There is a suction mount that can be used to place this GPS on your windscreen or you can opt to use the mounting bracket fixture to connect to the handlebar of your motorcycle for better viewing when riding on the highway. The IPX7 waterproof rating that this GPS unit has means it has been tested by being immersed in water of up to 1 meter in depth for 30 minutes so when you are out in the extreme weather you won’t have to worry about this device failing.  For a safer and more convenient way to ride, this well rounded GPS navigator has Bluetooth connectivity to allow for hands-free plus it also has echo-cancellation.

  • Amazon Fire 8GB 7″ Black Tablet

    Catch up on your reading or browse the Web with this tablet, so you can download apps and games and discover exciting new entertainment. Front and rear cameras let you capture memorable moments or chat with friends.

  • Android 10″ Tablet PC 

    This 10″ Android Tablet PC has enough screen space to make games, movies and surfing the web enjoyable and easy. The high definition 1920 by 1200 resolution brings good pixel density for a rich viewing experience that brings your media to life, letting you enjoy films and games in all their glory. This stunning tablet PC boast 4G connectivity so you will be able to stream HD movies on the go with the ultra fast cellular data connectivity that is on par with most wired broadband connections. Having two SIM card slots will let you use different cellular providers for better coverage and allows you to manage contacts efficiently between the two. At the heart of this 10 inch tablet PC is a quad core CPU and Mali 720 graphics processing unit that is backed up by 2GB of RAM. This provides a reliable performance able to handle intense games, HD media and multitasking ensuring you have a smooth user experience every time. Android 6.0 brings an friendly and easy to use interface that lets you take advantage of voice commands and smart searches as well as more intuitive menus and better battery management. So you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of usage time from the 4500mAh built in battery. A modest 16GB of internal storage is boosted by the micro SD card slot that allows and extra 32GB of memory to be added. With OTG support you can even utilize memory pens with this tablet computer so you’ll have no shortage of space for games and movies galore. you could even connect peripherals such as game controllers or keyboards allowing this tablet to double as a work computer as well as a portable entertainment and media device.


  • Android 2 DIN 6.2″ Touchscreen Car DVD Player

    This Android Touchscreen universal fitting 2 DIN Car DVD Player could be the perfect fit for your needs. Running on the Android 6.0 OS this multilingual Android 6.2 Touchscreen is packed full of top features. The SIRF III GPS module is able to pinpoint your location to within a few meters and the 3D style GUI interface will clearly show where you are on that large 6.2 Touchscreen for a clear and easy to use in-dash navigation system. Bluetooth connectivity will bring easy access to hands free calling as well as a method to play music direct from your phone or music player. With 3G Dongle support, this Android Touchscreen Car DVD Player can connect directly to the internet brining a world of entertainment. The DVD player is region free so there is no limit to the discs you can play and with support for 4 x 45 watt speakers the audio quality is sure to impress.

  • Android 27″ Wooden A-Board Full HD Sign

    This 27″ full HD display board the perfect electronic signage solution for any restaurants, shops, bars, cafes or shopping centers. With a full color, 1080P display it will catch the attention of customers and passersby, displaying your company info, menus and special promotion to entice them to your business. Unlike LED boards this flat panel screen has a full HD display so can show custom posters, banners and play your videos, you can even hook it up to a pair of speakers for the full audio-visual effect. Running on an Android interface you can pair the device to you Smartphone via a built-in Wi-Fi function and use the clever canvas app make eye-catching messages and designs for your customers. You can even schedule messages, greetings, and promotions to appear throughout the day bringing you a diverse range of marketing and promotional options. You can update your signage instantaneously, no more posters and trips to the printers. Take you signage into the 21st century with this intelligent multimedia sign and see the footfall to you business skyrocket.

  • Android 3D Enabled Virtual Reality Glasses  OUT OF STOCK

    Experience an entirely different way to see the world. With these Android all-in-one 3D VR glasses you can experience the latest 3D movies, games and mobile applications in absolute stunning detail. Its powerful hardware configuration ensures that you will be provided with the most up-to-date technology and a mind blowing realistic virtual experience. Featuring an Octa-Core CPU that has been clocked at 1.8GHz, 2GB of RAM, and the PowerVR SGX544 GPU these 3D VR Glasses are capable of handling the most demanding 3D games and movies alike without dropping a single frame. Thanks to its 4000mAh battery you are able to enjoy all the amazing features these VR glasses have to offer for up to 6 hours on one charge. With its cinematic wide view these Android VR Glasses let you experience your favorite movies as if you were watching them in your own private cinema.

  • Android 3G 10.1″ Tablet 

    This Android tablet sports 3G connectivity and a large 10.1″ screen — a great setup for browsing the web, game play, making full use of your apps and social media. The tablet even comes with two SIM card slots, so you can easily use it as a smartphone, making and receiving calls. Android 4.4 offers an intuitive interface and easy access to the Play Store. With 1GB of RAM and the powerful MTK6582 Quad Core CPU, the tablet PC comes with fast and seamless performance, enabling multitasking with no lagging or glitches to slow you down. You will get 16GB of internal storage and the tablet additionally supports 32GB externally. So, you will have plenty of space to keep your apps and media. The 3G tablet comes with two cameras as well — 3MP front camera and 13MP rear camera — great for snapping quick selfies or taking photos when you see something interesting. The 4500mAh battery offers up to 3 hours on non-stop talk time and up to 60 hours on standby. A great tool for both work and fun, this 3G tablet will bring you entertainment, on-the-go productivity and lightning fast web speeds.

  • Android 3G 10.1″ Tablet PC  OUT OF STOCK

    This Android tablet computer allows you to throw in two SIM cards and be connected to two 3G network providers simultaneously. Not only does this allow you to browse the web abroad at local charges, it also lets you use your Tablet computer as a regular mobile phone in case of emergency. Running on an Android operating system, it packs all the features similar to those found on your Android phone. Play games, download Apps, and browse the web – there is nothing this tablet computer can’t do. On its large 10.1″ IPS display, this Android tablet PC brings forth vivid color and crisp detail – letting you enjoy all your favorite forms of mobile entertainment to its absolute most. Further increasing the visuals is its Mali-720 GPU that lets you engage in the most graphically demanding mobile games without experiencing any lag. With this cheap Android tablet PC at your side, you’ll be all set to sit back, relax, and enter a world of mobile fun and entertainment. By supporting 16GB of internal memory and offering the additional possibility to throw in a 32GB SD card – this Android tablet computer offers all the storage you need to securely save your latest downloads. Packing a powerful 4500mAh battery, this 3G tablet packs enough juice for you to enjoy all its features for up to 3 hours in a row. Whether you want to watch a movie from beginning to end or simply browse the web for hours in a row – this powerful tablet packs all the power to get you through the most demanding of days. Its energy efficient Quad-Core MediaTek CPU furthermore allows you to engage in the latest and most demanding Applications while barely using any energy. This truly creates an efficient tablet that lets you take the most out of its features without draining your battery. Equipped with a 0.3MP front camera and 2.1MP rear camera, this 3G Android tablet is perfect for online video calls and snapping pictures or all those special moments in life. Whether you use it to write up files, stay connected to friends, or simply to play games on the go – this cheap Android tablet PC is guaranteed to meet all your demands while bringing along great efficiency and connectivity on the go.

  • Android 4.4 GPS 7″ TouchScreen Dash Cam 

    This wide screen 7″ GPS navigator has Android 4.4 so you can use voice commands to set your destination and any waypoints. It will give you clear spoken directions and automatically recalculate for diversions or detours you take along the way. A built in camera lets you capture what’s happening on the road and means this in car navigation aid can double as a car DVR. Its 1/ 2.5 inch CMOS sensor will record in 1280×720 resolutions and gives you documented proof should you ever need court evidence for any abusive road users, unscrupulous traffic police or insurance purposes such as wrongful claims.  With a range of in car entertainment options you can also enjoy listening to your own songs, watching videos, reading a book or playing games and it’s a great way to keep little ones entertained on a long journey.

  • Android 4G 10.1″ Tablet PC 

    This Quad Core Tablet has a 10.1″ IPS TouchScreen display that brings 1280 by 800 resolutions and has a good level of brightness – the result is a clear crisp image for surfing the web, playing games or watching movies. It performs all these tasks well with its quad-core CPU and Mali T720 GPU. Having an Android 6.0 marshmallow operating system will bring the favorite functions, like Doze, the battery saving feature to that will bring you better usage time. you will also have greater control and peace of mind with better control over permissions. The Now on Tap brings Android assistance whenever you need it so acts as your very own PA with voice interactions for a streamlined personal user interface. Equipped with GPS this tablet can also be useful for navigation but the best feature on this tablet PC is undoubtedly the 4G connectivity – something usually reserved for high-end tablets is now available on this affordable model which is great news for consumers. With 2 SIM slots each supporting the 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies you will be able to tap into the fastest mobile networks. This will allow streaming of HD movies directly to the device and ensures quick upload and download speeds so you can access cloud services or have a video conference with colleagues when you can’t make it into the office. With its 4500mAh battery the tablet brings around 3 hours of continuous usage time. more than enough to enjoy a movie, surf the web on your morning commute or run off those last minute reports. OTG functionality is also available so you can transfer data via a memory pen or alternatively use the micro SD card slot which let you add up to 32GGB of additional storage.

  • Android 5.1 3G 9.6″ Tablet PC 

    This 3G Android Tablet is the ultimate Android device for all mobile gamers out there that love to stay connected to friends and family anywhere they go. Featuring two 3G SIM card slots, this Android tablet PC provides you with high-speed data no matter where you’re at. Its Dual-IMEI numbers further increase your overall connectivity, allowing you to be connected to two different network providers simultaneously – bringing along great efficiency for when traveling abroad. No matter where life will take you next, with this 3G tablet computer you’ll always be able to browse the web and play your online games without experiencing any lag. Featuring a sleek body and beautiful 9.6″ display, this tablet PC certainly is a feast to the eye. Supporting IPS technology, this stunning HD display brings forth breathtaking visuals and vivid color – allowing you to enjoy your games and media to their absolute most. With 16GB of internal storage and a 32GB SD card slot, this Android computer offers plenty of space for you to store all your files and media – allowing you to store and carry along hours’ worth of mobile entertainment at all time. Access to the Google Play store provides you with an abundance of free to download games and Applications, guaranteeing that from now on you’ll never have to experience a moment of boredom again while on the move. Within its thin body, this  Android Tablet PC holds the Quad-Core MediaTek 6580 processor that brings along a speedy and energy-efficient performance. Whether you like to browse the web, play games, or watch a movie in HD resolution – this tablet computer is guaranteed to meet your demands. Additionally, it also supports OTG, letting you connect external hardware devices such as a keyboard, mouse, or gamepad to your Android device – significantly increasing your overall user experience. A powerful 4500mAh battery keeps this little beauty running for 3 hours in a row, providing you with enough time to watch a movie from beginning to end. Its sophisticated 0.3MP camera furthermore brings along great efficiency for those of you that wish to take part in online video calls. Whether you use it for your study, work, or entertainment – this 9.6″ Android tablet PC is there to meet all your demands.

  • Android 5.1 3G Smart Phone Watch Black

    Conveniently enjoy all the features of a regular smartphone from your wrist with the 3G watch phone. The 3G Smart Phone Watch features an Android 5.1 operating system and comes packed with all the features one would normally expect to find on their smartphone. Holding a SIM card slot and one IMEI number, this phone watch lets you make phone calls, answer messages, and receive social media notifications and updates directly on your wrist. No longer will there be the need to carry along your smartphone and dig for it in your bag every time you receive an incoming call. With this smart accessory, you’ll be able to make calls and send messages in a split second. With its IP65 rating, this smart watch is protected against water, dust, sand, and more – allowing you to wear it no matter the environment. Whether there is snow, dust, or rain, nothing will stop this beauty from working. Along with its Dual-Core CPU and 1GB of RAM this Chinese watch phone provides you with a smooth user experience at any given moment – letting you enjoy mobile applications, games, and more straight from your wrist on a beautiful 1.54-inch display. With Google Play installed you will have access to millions of the latest free to download mobile entertainment, ensuring that with the iMacwear M8 watch phone equipped there won’t be a reason to ever feel bored again. Holding 8GB of internal memory and supporting added external storage, this Android watch allows you to carry along tons of your favorite files and media. 3G connectivity furthermore lets you browse the web effortlessly anywhere you go, allowing you to stream online movies and stay connected with friends and family no matter where you’re headed. Packing a 600mAh battery this phone watch offers 2 hours of continuous usage time for you to enjoy all its features to the absolute most. Packing a sophisticated 3MP camera the iMacwear M8 watch phone lets you snap pictures at any given moment. From now on not a single special moment in life will pass by uncaptured as with this smartwatch you will always have a camera at hand that shoots quality pictures and video alike. The 1.54-inch touch screen of this beautiful phone watch lets to watch back all your pictures and videos in stunning quality and, thanks to the phone’s 3G connectivity, you’ll be able to share them instantly with your friends and family online.

  • Android 5.1 4G 10.1″ Tablet PC 

    Bringing 2G, 3G and 4G network support across a spectrum of frequencies this 10.1″ Tablet lets you enjoy unparallel cellular data connectivity so even when there is no Wi-Fi networks around you can still enjoy super fast download speeds – quick enough for you to stream HD movies or watch the latest sports games direct to the tablet without lag. The tablets 10.1 inch screen delivers all you media and entertainment in 1280X800 high definition resolutions so you’ll get superb graphics for all your games and media. Utilizing IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology ensures a rich a colorful display with wide viewing angles for sharing the fun with friends and family. Using a quad core MTK6735 CPU and having a Mali-T720 GPU for enhanced graphic support allows this tablet to handle a host of games without dropping frames or lag. Running on the Android 5.1 OS ensures great compatibility and access to the widest range of apps, games and streaming services. you’ll have plenty of storage space with the 16GB of onboard memory that can easily be added to via the micro SD card slot. A 4500mAh battery brings you plenty of usage time to enjoy all these features so with this 4G tablet PC by your side you are all set for the daily commute or keeping everyone entertained on long journeys or road trips.

  • Android 5.1 Touchscreen 7″ Car Stereo 

    Stay entertained on any road trip, no matter how long, with the Android 5.1 Touchscreen Car Stereo. Perfect for lengthy car trips and a great way to entertain those in the back seat, the 2 DIN Stereo comes with intuitive Android 5.1 interface, a responsive 7″ Touchscreen, GPS and more. You can watch all your favourite movies on the 7″ 1024×600 TFT LCD screen in great quality and without bulking up your vehicle. With Bluetooth support, you can hook up a pair of external wireless speakers, headphones and more. Pair the Stereo with your smartphone and use it to hold calls hands free: dial, hang up, send messages and more. Sporting the upgraded Android 5.1 interface, the 2 DIN Stereo offers easy navigation. With GPS support, you can use the 7″ display for finding your way around town, you can use voice commands to locate the neares rest stops and even plot your route.


  • Android 6.0 10.1″ Tablet  OUT OF STOCK

    This Android 6.0 Tablet features 4G connectivity along with which it lets you enjoy the fastest data speeds out there. Browse the web, play games, or watch HD videos – with its 10.1″ display this magnificent tablet lets you take the most out of your mobile experience. Its Android 6.0 operating system offers an intuitive interface and lets you enjoy all the latest features available in the mobile industry – guaranteeing that you will experience a fast and smooth user experience. Its IPS HD display makes your media truly come to life, letting you enjoy your favorite movies and online games in stunning detail. Coming with two SIM card slots and featuring Dual-IMEI numbers this 4G Tablet even allows you to make and receive calls. Throw in two 4G SIM cards to widen your data coverage, with this Android tablet you can be assured that you will always stay connected. Equipped with a Quad-Core CPU that has been clocked at 1GHz, along with 2GB of RAM, and the Mali-T720 GPU this Android tablet will smoothly run the latest applications, games, and HD videos. So head out to the Play Store and download one of the millions free applications to enjoy on your stunning 10.1 Inch HD display. Holding up to 32GB of internal memory and offering the possibility to add an additional 32GB externally this beautiful tablet is sure to hold enough space for you to store all your music, pictures, games and more. From now on you can head out on your next road trip with confidence as with this tablet at your side you are guaranteed that there won’t be a single minute of boredom throughout the journey. Additionally, this 4G tablet also features OTG technology, allowing you to connect your tablet to external hardware devices such as keyboards or memory sticks to further enhance your user experience. Packing a massive 4500mAh battery you will be able to enjoy all your favorite features this tablet PC has to offer for up to 3 hours continuously. Whether you browse the web, watch an HD movie, or play an online game – this tablet offers hours worth of fun and mobile entertainment to ensure that you’ll never have to be bored again.

  • Android 6.0 2 DIN 10.1″ Car Media Player

    With its Android operating system, this car media player comes packed with the latest features the industry has to offer. Watching movies, playing music, hands-free phone calls, and even browsing the web – with this 2 DIN media player your options will be limitless. Packing a Quad-Core CPU and holding 2GB of RAM this Android media system allows you to smoothly enjoy the latest media, games, and applications alike without dropping a frame.  stunning 10.1 Inch display and Mali-400MP graphic’s unit you will be able to enjoy all media in mesmerizing graphics and detail. Supporting an extremely accurate GPS, this 2 DIN media player can additionally be used as a top class navigation system. With its Bluetooth support, you will be able to easily pair your smartphone with this Android media player, letting you answer phone calls and allowing you to engage in hands-free conversations while in traffic. Additionally, you will be able to sync the media player with your smartphone music library, letting you enjoy your favorite tracks in stunning audio quality. Supporting a 3G dongle, this car media system gives you the opportunity to browse the web at any time. Google Play gives you access to millions of free to download applications, games, movies, and 8GB of memory, so you can be assured that there will be enough space for all your games, movies, and applications. Watching movies, playing music, hands-free phone calls, and even browsing the web – with this Android 6.0 Car Media Player 2 DIN your options will be limitless.

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